Your World is Waiting For you To Unblock This Flow

Hello Friends, Hope you are doing well and trusting God to fulfill his promises towards you even as we have entered into this new month of June! Today…I am wrapping up with the final post which is…..

3. The Kind of Peace God wants to FLOW OUT of you

And LET the PEACE of God RULE in your Hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state]…”- Colossians 3: 15a

“Guard your heart, OUT of it FLOWS the springs of Life” – Proverbs 4:23


               Now, the first scripture says “LET Peace RULE in your heart”. Now, If there’s a knock on your door and you say “LET that person come in”, it means you are willingly extending an invitation to that visitor to come in & join you. So God is saying, “allow Peace to come in and RULE in your hearts. In other words, let Peace be like an umpire in your heart to arbitrate on any arising matters in this changing world we live in.

            At the same time, we are reminded in the second scripture that OUT of our hearts FLOWS the springs of life, meaning that your heart is a well from which “peace can flow from” to refresh any environment you step into. Have you realized there are some people who step into an environment and the whole atmosphere changes? They carry a certain charisma, radiance, unquenchable light and peace within them that emanates and quiets even the most tumultuous environment. The secret is “letting the peace of God RULE in their hearts so that out of peace-ruled heart, peace subsequently flows out of them!

               Let Peace Rule in your heart. A ‘ruler’ means a governor/director of a region and he/she dictates and determines the decrees that go forth; so if peace is a ruler in your heart, then this “ruler in your heart” dictates to the negativity of your environment; this ruler releases peace on any antagonistic orchestrations of the enemy that wars against your blessing; this ruler releases inner peace and a lifting up where others say there is a casting down; This ruler releases peace in tensed work environment, a stressed examination room, a heated-argument or dispute, even in a private contention where you cant seem to figure it out. And here is the good part: your yielding & beckoning of holy spirit is constantly enabling him to help you to live out the manifested rulership of peace in your heart. So now, Release this peace to that believer feeling troubled or that unbeliever who is struggling to navigate the source of peace.

Your Heart is Ruled by Peace because you chose to let Peace Rule in It. Now out of your Heart, let the glorious deposits of peace flow because the world around you– school, work, church, family, relationship, business, community, nation, government– is in need of it! Let is flow

               May peace rule in your heart so that out of those wells in your heart, waters of peace will flow out! You are a blessing to someone and you may not realize so let peace keep ruling in your hearts and let it flow, let it flow, don’t stop the flow, let it flow!

Let nothing stop the flowing of your peace today  🙂


Next Post: #Forbearance 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Your World is Waiting For you To Unblock This Flow

    1. Hello Ofo, thanks for visiting the blog. I’m glad that you are blessed and thanks for your time. May the peace of God which transcends all understanding be our portion always amen . Agape, Raheal 🙂


    1. Amen and glory to God. Bless you for stopping by the blog. Do visit regularly as there will be more and more. Encourage someone and tell them about Christ and boldly declare the fathers goodness. Amen. God bless you 🙂


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