Word: The Overflow Blessing

Hello Friends, before I continue the last blog on Peace, I had to intercept with this strong message that literally still sitting and echoing in the depths of my spirit. Today after church service when i came home, i was just in prayer and the word just enjoying the presence of the Lord and i felt this so strong. The “trigger” had actually began from a prophetic revelation I had between saturday night into sunday dawn before I woke from it, and then prophetically confirmed at the sunday morning service message my father preached. The word was still bubbling in my spirit with a glorious aura of his indescribable presence at home after service and in my afternoon nap so i’m releasing the message again  here on blog:


The realm of blessing the Lord wants us to enter into is the Overflowing blessing. The kind of blessing that enables us to be a blessing to others in great ways and dimensions. The kind of blessing that does not only meet your needs but is abundant enough to bless many; Limitless wells of abundance whose waters refresh masses. That is what being blessed is all about. Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to generations to come. Lydia of Thyatira was a successful blessed business woman who sold fine purple and blessed the apostles on assignment. Queen Candace of Ethiopia was a wealthy influential woman in authority and oversaw the vast wealth of the region and came to bless King Solomon, who himself was blessed too. Joseph of Arimatheus and Nicodemus — It was these two wealthy and influential counselor and ruler respectively— who partnered to sponsor the Myrrh & Aloe embalming of Jesus’ body. Barnabas was called a “son of consolation/encouragement” by the apostles because he was literally a blessing to the Antioch ministry, the needy and so on.


Today, I was reminded of all these and more, and the list goes on; we could write on and on, but here we are in the now. And above all things, Christ desires that You will be Prosperous and be in good health even as your soul prospers. In other words we have been divinely wired to proposer; Some are equipped with creative ground-breaking ideas that need to hit implementation. Some are naturally gifted in certain things which will serve as open doors to prosperity for the glory of God. Some are carrying major scientific breakthroughs that will redistribute the wealth of nations to the kingdom. Some are carrying gifts that will bless and make ample room for masses. Some have strong business, media, linguistic and artistic inclinations that will set them up for a wealth transfer if they will go ahead and work with it and break these “religious boxes” that have caged and stifled people for so long, and convinced them that mediocrity is noble spirituality.


You may think your idea is “too simple”, O but don’t underestimate it as commonplace because Moses only had a rod in his hand and perhaps nothing is as “simple” as a rod! In fact, you in the now dispensation are so much wired to be blessed that in 1 Pet 1:11 it says the prophets sought intently to know who would be inheriting the salvation they had prophesied. The word “salvation” there does not just mean receiving Christ and feeling cool. The word “salvation” is translated “soteria” meaning the “SUM total of Benefits AND BLESSINGS which the believer– you and I– should be walking in. We are already halfway through the year and in a new month: Still, God so desperately wants you and I to prosper and be blessed so go ahead: think, plan, build, re-build, implement, walk, live in the Overflow Blessing. Amen

I’ll release the last Peace blog message Godwilling tomorrow

Walk in the Overflow!


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