Your Reward in Long-Suffering & What Isaiah 40:31 Actually Means

Greetings my friends, last weekend i released a heartfelt message on “Long suffering: The Real Meaning, the Real Purpose & the Real Reward”. I covered the first two parts and today I want to cover the last part which is : the Reward of Long- suffering I am not insensitive to the fact that at times it can be hard to bear long with an unchanging situation. I have been there; In fact, I am there right now. But more importantly, I have learned how to use patience to my advantage and I will share some of it, backed by God’s word.

There is a Reward for you
There is a Reward for you
  • The Real Reward of Long-suffering

The reward of “bearing-long/patience” is that you can receive NEW STRENGTH & PROMOTION through the process. Scripture says “They that WAIT ON the Lord shall RE-NEW their STRENGTH. They will SOAR on wings LIKE Eagles” (Isaiah 40:31). Hold on! I know you have heard this scripture many times but I’m going to break it down for you to catch two revelations here. They that WAIT on the Lord will renew their strength. Someone is probably thinking this doesn’t make sense. How can waiting to pass a standardized test give me new strength? How can waiting for a good relationship renew my strength? How can waiting for a thriving ministry renew my strength? How can waiting on a pending case renew my strength? How can waiting for restoration in my family renew my strength? How can re-taking a class i failed renew my strength? How can patiently going through the process of emotional healing and wholeness renew my strength? All these situations should be breaking you down, you would imagine right? It can, but it doesn’t have to!

I have learned that adversity can be disguised opportunity.

  • There is a secret Opportunity in your life for you to exploit right now

Do you realize that the same sun that can burn you, is the same sun whose heat can be harnessed to produce energy? Do you realize the same water body which can drown someone is the same water which can be re-channeled to steer turbines to produce electricity? Do you realize the same storm which can destroy lives is the same storm the eagles use to soar higher? I was doing some research on birds and found out that Eagles fly to very high altitudes and when storms occur, they actually ride on the winds of the storm in order to soar higher; so with much less effort– they use the storms  to launch to higher altitudes. They are not “flock birds”; you don’t see them one flocking together. It means if you are looking to others for pity and company before you “fly” out of your situation, then you are holding yourself back; you are going to have to ruffle your wings and boldly take flight. Unlike smaller birds who are overshadowed by the storm, eagles  live on top of the storm; They are not consumed by situations. YOU– in Christ– are an eagle because you carry the God-given capacity; Situations don’t overshadow you. Even if they have, you can come out. You overshadow situations by riding on the wings of the spirit and using situations to your advantage to rise above!

“He rode upon a storm and flew; And He sped upon the wings of the wind. “-  Psalm 18:10

“He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters; He makes the clouds His chariot; He walks upon the wings of the wind;”– Psalm 104:3

An Eagle Soaring = You Waiting on the Lord
An Eagle Soaring = You Waiting on the Lord

Not all situations are the same, i understand. But the God that solves the problems is the same. Perhaps, in your situation, you should be asking some questions in order to navigate yourself to the desired solution: You may want to ask yourself:

  • What am I bearing-long/being patient with? Be acquainted with what you are dealing with. The first step to dealing with problems is first identifying the problem. Please understand that if you are in an abusive situation that is undermining your potential, your abilities, your self-esteem, your time etc or being oppressed by a demon, don’t blindly subject yourself to it and call it “patience”. That is self-destruction and the Lord would desire that you add to your faith, wisdom. Perhaps, in your current situation, you may need deliverance by prayer, perhaps wise counsel from spirit-filled mentors/leaders/friends who themselves are under authority;  certainly, guidance from the word of God & direction from holy spirit etc. My good friend, you may have to let down your ego and develop a teachable spirit because in the multitude of counsel, there is safety. There are certain advice, if i heeded to from my spiritual parents at the time they gave it, I would have saved myself a lot of headache in life but thanks be to Jesus who is an ever-present help. Always be acquainted with what you are dealing with, acknowledge it and get help. Freedom feels sooo good and Jesus wants you to experience it.
  •  How do we “WAIT ON” the Lord? Is it about time? The scripture we read says “they that Wait ON the Lord shall renew their strength”. What does this scripture actually mean to me and you? Don’t miss this revelation the Lord released. Let me tell you: Waiting on God has little to do with “time” the way we think about the concept of time because time actually serves God. (2 Pet. 3:8). RATHER, waiting on God is about Disposition! Meaning, ALIGNING ourselves  to what we are waiting for; Positioning ourselves such that we live from the knowledge of the end which has been promised. For example, if you are going to meet business partners next week to negotiate a deal and you are “waiting on” that time to come, do you just sleep everyday and be idle and wait for next week to come? Or do you align yourself— thinking & doing— to the expected end by preparing to meet that time point? You do the latter! “Waiting on” something means serving and properly engaging with the process that leads to your expectation.

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The Word “Waiter” comes from the term  to “wait on”, meaning “to serve”. In a restaurant, a waiter WAITS ON  tables; It means the waiter SERVES the customer. Buffalo, our town, is known for fine cuisine actually. Good restaurants  have EXCELLENT service. Their waiters KNOW how to properly WAIT ON tables (i.e. serve the customers). They SERVE the interest of their customers; They come around to check how they are doing by communicating and ENGAGING with them. They are not harsh; and very often, good waiters get a good tip. Isaiah says if we “WAIT ON” the Lord, we will receive Strength and Soar to greater heights. So “Waiting On” God is not about checking your watch to see when you will get the loan, get married, get into some leadership position you are not even ready for etc; but WAITING ON the Lord is about ENGAGING & SERVING the heart of the father towards the promise you are bound to inherit! All the patriarchs and matriarchs of old had to WAIT ON the Lord to inherit the promise ((Acts 1:4, Hebrews 6:15) ) so engage the heart of the father through prayer, the word and worshipserve the Lord with gladness of heart for great is your reward here on this earth and in heaven! Amen   Isn’t it humbling and filling what the Lord is teaching us all? It gladdens my heart and I hope it gladdens yours too! I will release another revelation of “long-suffering” the Lord taught me this evening. It has to with “Splankna” (how long-suffering produces compassion and how compassion releases miracles for you & others). Godwilling, Later this week I will release it. Pray for me as I pour out all these in words so they can continue to be life-transforming messages to many. As always, I’m glad for your feedback, questions, comments, prayers, etc so keep them coming. Love you all Wait on the Lord. R.