The name “PillBox” probably brings to mind a box in which medications are stored, and yes thats true. However, thats just a part of the full meaning behind this blog title. A PillBox actually has two meanings: a Pharmacological meaning and a Military meaning . Historically, PillBoxes referred to low roof  fortified concrete structures with loop holes from which Soldiers would strategically hide/position  and fire weapons against an invading enemy. These millitary structures were named as such because they resembled the shape of a medical pill box.How amazing! I am Pharmacy Graduate student as well, and what a good medication does for an ailing body is the parallel I draw between that and the impact of the Word of God in my life as a whole.After a very prophetic dream, I strongly felt to then start and title this blog ‘PillBox’. At the time I didn’t even know there was a military/warfare meaning for it too! until i later searched it out. So the two meanings of PillBox encompasses what Gods word does for us: It is 1.) Healing to our souls and a 2.)Fortress where we can take refuge. This is exciting and thats what the name of this blog essentially means 🙂 !

I envision “Pill Box” as a platform serving 3 primary goals:

  • First, a place where the nourishing, healing and transformative Word of the Lord at work in our lives is shared; so that unbelievers may come to know the love of Jesus and so that believers might grow and mature in Christ (John 3:16; Ephesians 4:13)
  • Second, a fortified outlet just like the military pillbox, for fellow warriors in the Lord  to strategically position themselves to appropriate their rightful inheritance in all areas of life through the victory that has already been won by Jesus!
  • Third,  a guidance tool to provide peer mentorship and advisory particularly in academia, career counseling, personal development and practical life principles in order to live fully and unapologetically manifest the fullness of who God fashioned us to be!

If I approached this blogging in a brutally theological and theoretical way, it would lose its meaty essence because I bet fellow believers and perhaps non-believers alike would find  no application to the realities of the honest “challenges” of our everyday lives! Therefore, at times this blogging will require some vulnerability with wisdom, truth without hesitation, hope without false expectations and yet practicality without losing the essence of the supernatural. Im excited and hopeful for what holy spirit will pour to many through this blog channel; who knows, at times the “pills”  may be easy to take, at times it may be a tough one to swallow, at times it might not even be a pill prescribed for us but perhaps one for us to dispense to a friend, colleague or relative who needs it.

Well….whatever the case may be and whatever these “pills” may be,we know that in the Lord, all things are designed for our good…….Welcome to PillBox.

Please pray for me for spirit-led blogging and wisdom in writing :). Also, share this blog with someone it may bless and do communicate feedback, questions etc. While my goal is to share what I have learned/learning, I do not plan to be someone I am not. So If something is beyond my scope or outside my ability to speak on, I will gladly communicate that and/or perhaps refer you to a higher authority etc. I would also love to learn from you so please don’t hold back if you ever want to send some thoughts across in comments. Thank you for connecting with PillBox. Stay blessed, visit here for regular posts and keep Love abounding! 🙂

– Rah.

2 thoughts on “About “PillBox”

  1. Wow! God bless you Rah!

    It’s funny actually interesting how you saw a pill box in your dream. Interesting how historically it was a fortress!

    It’s amazing how God will use the simple things that are common to you, to get his message across. It’s funny, I was talking with two of my sisters, and she made a comment how fear is like cancer or any terminal illness, it will consume you if you don’t deal with it! And the following week in my quiet time I remember seeing vividly a pill bottle. I was at first confused, how random is that, but the Holy Spirit said we should use the word of God as our medication to every thing wrong in us! Let this be your daily vitamin, let this be your medication! What does God say about you? Or this situation! You owe it to yourself to feed your spirit Good things!! It’s time to take our meds! 💊💊💊Time to be compliant! 👌👌🙌

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    1. Wow Glory to God for this revelation. Indeed it is time to be “compliant”, I believe there is so much more to access and splurge forth with it Christ. We win in Jesus name , bless you much


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