How Can a Yoke Be Easy & A Burden Be Light? A Word From The Father

Hi friends, Praise God for He is good! i just got this word this evening as I was spending time with the Lord and I am releasing this brief word here to exhort you:

Earlier last week, I came across  a post from Rick Joyner which said: “We will all carry someone’s yoke —either the yokes of this present evil age or the yoke of the Lord.” and during the week this statement was still sitting in my heart and I was still asking the Lord about it, then this evening, the holy spirit began to just pour out this message in its fullness as I was in his presence.

Now Jesus said “My yoke is easy. And the burden I carry is light” ( Matthew 11:30)

Two things:
1. Easy Yoke
He said carrying His yoke is easy. But carrying the yoke of the world is not easy; because it is destructive in the end. Carrying what moves the father’s heart is easy because he is actually your strength. The yoke of the world is bondage, marginalisation and religion (i.e. rules, doctrine, dogma, manipulation,control, condemnation,wild obsession over sin and judgement). So he says we should “Take upon us HIS yoke AND learn from him” (vs.29). In other words, take upon you His great commission to witness to the world. Take upon you His nature in its fullness, not parts of it; don’t take on His great triumphs only but the paths that lead triumphs, however winding, because THIS yoke (this way) is an easy one. Any other way is an illusion. Take this easy yoke for with Him you can still advance!

2. Light Burden
He says his burden is light. So there IS a burden alright. It’s just  that it’s light. But how can any burden ever be called “light”? Oh, is Jesus making light of something so serious here? Not so my good friends, not so! For he himself  once carried a burden. Yet he calls it light! So then how did he carry this “burden” such that it seemed so light although it was indeed heavy? Perhaps, he carried it to the altar of prayer. Or maybe he carried it to the altar of sacrifice, pouring himself out to the Father and receiving prevailing power. Perhaps he carried it on the bed of the glorious promises his father spoke to him, all of which was not yet revealed to his disciples.  Perhaps he carried it with wisdom, knowing when and how to respond to the religious scribes and teachers who sought to slyly entrap him with His own words.

O there must indeed have been a way the Lord carried His burden such that he would have the audacity to call it light!

Perhaps, this is why C.S Lewis once said :

” It is not the load(burden) that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it”


Listen, don’t break your neck over any burden you feel like you may be “carrying”. Only “carry” it well. Carry it by effectual fervent prayer. Carry it by sacrifice.Carry it by resolve. Carry it by diligence. Carry it by faith. Carry it by maintaining your confession. Carry it TO your Father who is ready to relieve you for he says he gives the weary rest! He WILL give you rest even now in Jesus name amen!


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