How Can a Yoke Be Easy & A Burden Be Light? A Word From The Father

Hi friends, Praise God for He is good! i just got this word this evening as I was spending time with the Lord and I am releasing this brief word here to exhort you:

Earlier last week, I came across  a post from Rick Joyner which said: “We will all carry someone’s yoke —either the yokes of this present evil age or the yoke of the Lord.” and during the week this statement was still sitting in my heart and I was still asking the Lord about it, then this evening, the holy spirit began to just pour out this message in its fullness as I was in his presence.

Now Jesus said “My yoke is easy. And the burden I carry is light” ( Matthew 11:30)

Two things:
1. Easy Yoke
He said carrying His yoke is easy. But carrying the yoke of the world is not easy; because it is destructive in the end. Carrying what moves the father’s heart is easy because he is actually your strength. The yoke of the world is bondage, marginalisation and religion (i.e. rules, doctrine, dogma, manipulation,control, condemnation,wild obsession over sin and judgement). So he says we should “Take upon us HIS yoke AND learn from him” (vs.29). In other words, take upon you His great commission to witness to the world. Take upon you His nature in its fullness, not parts of it; don’t take on His great triumphs only but the paths that lead triumphs, however winding, because THIS yoke (this way) is an easy one. Any other way is an illusion. Take this easy yoke for with Him you can still advance!

2. Light Burden
He says his burden is light. So there IS a burden alright. It’s just  that it’s light. But how can any burden ever be called “light”? Oh, is Jesus making light of something so serious here? Not so my good friends, not so! For he himself  once carried a burden. Yet he calls it light! So then how did he carry this “burden” such that it seemed so light although it was indeed heavy? Perhaps, he carried it to the altar of prayer. Or maybe he carried it to the altar of sacrifice, pouring himself out to the Father and receiving prevailing power. Perhaps he carried it on the bed of the glorious promises his father spoke to him, all of which was not yet revealed to his disciples.  Perhaps he carried it with wisdom, knowing when and how to respond to the religious scribes and teachers who sought to slyly entrap him with His own words.

O there must indeed have been a way the Lord carried His burden such that he would have the audacity to call it light!

Perhaps, this is why C.S Lewis once said :

” It is not the load(burden) that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it”


Listen, don’t break your neck over any burden you feel like you may be “carrying”. Only “carry” it well. Carry it by effectual fervent prayer. Carry it by sacrifice.Carry it by resolve. Carry it by diligence. Carry it by faith. Carry it by maintaining your confession. Carry it TO your Father who is ready to relieve you for he says he gives the weary rest! He WILL give you rest even now in Jesus name amen!


Battles of Mind&Soul: Resisting the Enemy by Submitting to God

Hello friends, hope you are doing great but if not I pray that all things work out for you in Jesus name amen 🙂

Last week, I was led to publish a blog message on “battles of the mind and soul: Resisting the Enemy by Focusing citing that distractions try to steal our focus and veer us off the fulfillment of who God has called us to be. Distractions include  taunting, manipulative strategy of the enemy through words, sights, people, places etc but the good news is we have the divine enablement from God to resist the enemy!

Today, I want to continue with Resisting the enemy by Submitting to God from  James 4:7  which says” Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee”

SUBMIT to GOD.Resist the Devil and he will flee. As a believer (submitted to God), you are armed with the Word of God, equipped with the spirit of the Lord and fully robed in the wholesomeness of salvation to RESIST the TAUNTINGS of the enemy
SUBMIT to GOD.Resist the Devil and he will flee. As a believer (submitted to God), you are armed with the Word of God, equipped with the spirit of the Lord and fully robed in the wholesomeness of salvation to RESIST the TAUNTINGS of the enemy

THE KEY TO RESIST THE ENEMY IS TO SUBMIT TO GOD: Resisting the devil requires our submission to God. It means submitting the corruption of our carnal selves and the sensual desires that are ever warring in our bodily members (James 4:1-2) to God. Do you know the war within ourselves often comes from the corruption of our own hearts which often eat at us? And it easily opens a channel for the enemy to stir restlessness and distraction in our soul. Please consider reading James 4:1-7 today. That is why we ought to SUBMIT our ourselves to God constantly and invite the holy spirit into our hearts to take over! Do you know Christ? If you don’t, i pray that you receive Jesus christ into your life right now as your Lord and savior; this is what enables me in my everyday walk. Now when I submit to something/someone, I am under the covering of that thing/person and automatically I partake of whatever flows from that office or high thing to which i submit. When I submit to something/someone, I am also under the authority of that thing so by reason of my positioning—- of submission— I can legally operate in and under the authority of that thing. so when we submit to God, we are in positioning to draw from his limitless wells of power! But will we submit to God as James says?….

WELL, WHAT KIND OF SUBMISSION? The kind of submission God is talking about is not submission with a malicious intent to abuse or manipulate you- O no! but rather to EMPOWER you to overcome. See, in the same scripture in vs. 6, he says “..But God gives us MORE GRACE (power of the holy spirit)”..Gods desire is for you to use the authority and resident power he has offered to secure your positioning ever so firmly, so that in him, you can resist the devil when he comes at you! I don’t know about you but the enemy loves to come at me every time lol so i am careful to ABIDE at my post, that is in my victorious positioning in God by submitting to him lest the enemy has an advantage over me. Never in Jesus name!

How much can you strive in your own human strength? But in our weakness, Gods Strength is made perfect. Submit to God. Resist the Devil, don't let him drain our every, time, anointing etc. Resist him with your Fruit (Peace, joy, and so forth)
How much can you strive in your own human strength? But in our weakness, Gods Strength is made perfect. Submit to God. Resist the Devil, DONT LET HIM DRAIN YOU, your energy, joy, time, anointing etc. Resist him!

WHY SHOULD I SUBMIT TO GOD: When you wholeheartedly submit to God

  • you invite the holy spirit to take charge
  • you are overshadowed by and FOCUSED on the power to which you have submitted to
  • you die to self so that the provocations of the enemy don’t yield much return, if any at all.
  • you submit to the truth of his word which says he will keep your mind at peace
  • you submit your carnal disposition for his divine empowerment so you see as he sees and thinks as he thinks
  • you operate from a renewed mindset which says “I don’t have to be governed by my feelings”

Feeling inner-wrestles? Submit them to the Lord in prayer and shut the door the enemy uses to access your soul. Open the door to the love of the Lord, the help of the holy spirit, the truth of his word, the redeeming power of the holy spirit and submission. In christ, you are being empowered to resist the enemy and emerge victorious always!  Dwell (focus, abide in, remain,hold on)  the  unchangeable word and promises  of the Lord:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

The Lord has good plans for you his child and he will sort you out! Resist the enemy by submitting to Him !Stay blessed okay

Next post, I will resume the #Fruit Series speaking about Love(Agape)…