How to Meditate Effectively: JC Retreat Camp

Hello friends,

I am in the woods of Monroe, Pennsylvania at Spruce Lake Retreat Center for the annual retreat called “Jesus Camp (JC)”. JC is not a mere meeting but an ongoing movement that mobilises people of all ages and background who are simply searching for deeper relationship with God; who want to spend time in His presence to be renewed and revived; who want to learn how to pray; and who simply want to see the hand of God cone through for them in their lives, family, community and country.

It’s always a very refreshing time in the Lord. Gifting are stirred up, miracles take place, the spirit of prophecy breaks out and the Holy spirit moves mightily in our midst. This year the theme is “walking in the light of the Word”. I am currently in the Saturday session and Ministers Willie& Mike together with the worship team led us into the presence of the Lord and I felt the joy of the Lord in this place.

Rev Leslie, PIWC Buffalo yesterday: Spruce Lake Retreat Center

Now Rev Yeboah, who previously was the district Pastor of Pentecost Buffalo is teaching right now on “Meditating on God’s word” and I thought to share some of the highlights I’m enjoying and the revelation the holy spirit is pouring out as I listen and tune in.

How does one meditate? The world has so much of their own forms of meditation and if the world can present to you a form of meditation to ‘help’ your mind and body etc,  then you should know that there is an even more tremendous power in meditating on God’s word. How do you meditate?

1. Hearing: Well first you must hear the word/message/content of whatever you are to meditate on. You can hear the word in church, conference, tape, recording etc

2. Reading: then you follow through with what you heard by reading and recapping it. You can do so in your own quiet time, consciously making time for it

3. Studying: then you dig further by researching the material and brooding over it over and over so it seeps deeper into your heart and mind.

The benefit of the message is in your obedience otherwise it is of none effect to you. As you meditate you will reap deep understanding , filling, healing, hope and refreshing from the word

My message to you friends:
1. You must desire to study God’s word

2. You must simply make time for it. If you are too busy to read the word, you are just too busy! Cut out unecessary distractions. You can’t afford to be ignorant of the wisdom keys in God’s word.

3. Your success is hidden in the word of God, do not take it lightly. Start with at least 10 minutes each day at a designated time. If you are too busy now, can you imagine what it will be like when the clutter gets worse? Start cultivating the habit of reading Gods word now

4. The secret of the good relationship which you desire is in the word of God.

5. It is by the word of God that you will outlast the storm. Anything built on the rock of Ages (Jesus) will stand

6. You are not above reading God’s word. You must be disciplined and committed.

7. Your life depends on the word because everything shall pass away but the word shall remain

“When it comes to the Word of God, every child of God is on ‘medication’. So ask yourself have you taken your medication(the word) today?” – Rev Yeboah

Joshua 1: 8
Ephesians 6:12
James 1:21
Ezekiel 3:3

Hope you were blessed by the notes 🙂

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  1. God richly bless for sharing, very helpful. Generation today get time for social media but are always busy when it comes to the work of God. Our king Jesus should help us.

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