April:Your Better Month Is Here!

  • Happy New Month my friends!

Today is exactly 1 year since launching my blog, PillBox and it is such a joy to celebrate 1 year of blogging with you! As always, I want to thank you for your time, love and fellowship.

My friends, April is a special month for you: It is the beginning of the second quarter of the year. That affords us time to  reflect on how we started off the year, so we can steer the course of the remaining months. Warrior, don’t despise the way your year began, you might just be getting  started! April marks the physical momentum of an already birthed spiritual revival: the ‘Azusa Now‘ movement in LA this month, and several other sweeping movements, one of which is our local church’s ‘Jesus Camp‘. I challenge you to be plugged in at your post because you will encounter God like never before in this season of what I call the “post-ressurection” phase.


Before I continue, let me take a moment to explain the reason for my temporary absence here: Continue reading April:Your Better Month Is Here!