Your Faith Produces Good Works

Greetings my friends, I hope you are doing well. I was recently meditating on John 6:28-29: the disciples had asked Jesus what they must do in order to “work” the works of God. I was amazed at Jesus’ response because I thought he would have told them to read more books, be extra zealous or perhaps be more generous. Although these are all important components of our Christian walk anyways, Jesus’ response was actually different. 

He responded ” Believe in the One Who sent me “. 

Perhaps this means that our belief system is the greatest demonstration of the divine workings in our life. How so? Did you know someone can believe in something so deeply, buy into it wholeheartedly, subscribe to it fully and actually begin to produce results that are consistent with the belief system– whether profitable or destructive? It is the same with your belief system except that we dont just believe anything and everything but we believe in the name of our Lord Jesus who died, arose triumphantly through and is seated with the father in Heaven speaking for you and me daily! 

Ask yourself these questions

  • In which deity have I established my faith and in whose word have I believed? 
  • What kind of ongoing relationship do I have with this deity?
  •  How sure and convinced am I that that he will surely come through for me in the day of trouble?

I sincerely pray that you would place your faith in Jesus; that you develop your faith daily, growing stronger by brooding over His word and letting it dwell so richly in you that you draw from those wells of inner richness daily

When a believer makes a statement like

 ” God can never lie to us!”

an unbelieving and wavering person is quick to rule that such a person is proud but that is not necessarily so. The one who is wholeheartedly making that profession of faith has read something in the word, hidden that word in his heart, received it into his spirit and out of the abundance of that word speaking by faith. You reproduce what you have first believed in your heart about Gods word. 

Daily, I have to be so intentional and conscious about what i am thinking and believing even when visible challenges are infront of me. There are a lot of troubling news in this world, ill feelings and projections from people, media and sometimes even family and if we are not careful we might fall into a pit of despair; And this is why the fight for our faith is not one we can afford to lose. Your faith is the driving force for your victory so keep holding on to it.

I was once sitting in my car, stopped at a red light and randomly looked at the rear mirror and saw a truck driving towards me with full speed. In that 5 second moment i did not know what to do for my safety or to preserve my life. In that moment I realised how little my own human efforts were. The only name I could call upon was Jesus.

On what word are you holding on to today and what is your measure of confidence in that word?

  • is there a “word  [you] have hidden in [your] heart”? to sustain you in the moment of temptation, seasons frustration and even seasons of joy?
  • Is that word just in your head or etched in the depths of your heart? Are you only speaking it with your lips or has your spirit received that rhema so richly that it produces good works in your life?
  • Can we say about you like Paul did Abraham that “ you [are] FULLY PERSUADED that God would do what He promised”- Romans 4:21 and this persuasion by faith was credited to him and anyone else who would subsequently believe in Jesus Christ by faith. 

Life can be tough but believe me the Greater and tougher one lives inside of us.

All the things that Satan is using to bombard your mind, your heart, your soul and the feelings of inadequacy, incompetence and rejection are carefully crafted lies of satan in a futile, yet ferocious attempt to contend for your faith. Don’t give in as tough as it may be!

Satan wants you to loathe yourself, loathe God and blame everyone for your circumstance but don’t give him a chance. Don’t buy into a victim mentality. Speak from a renewed mindset 

How do you do so? By getting your mind stayed on Gods word till it begins to produce fruits of peace, goodness, love and righteousness in you. You are what God says you are through Jesus and I humbly challenge you to eat Gods word till you think it, believe it, live it and eat the fruits of it amen 

Happy Mothers Day & PillBox Relaunch :)

Hello guys, its been a while but God has been faithful 🙂 Thank you to all of you who have been messaging me asking about blog posts and what I have been up to. 

Following graduation , I took time out to study for my US board exams which took quite a toll on me. God also opened a door for me and my beloved and I went briefly to my home country, returned to the US and relocated to another state to take on a new career position and start serving in a local fellowship here. 
Between all these events there have been great successes, and yet  trauma from a car accident in latter 2016 I was involved which I survived and currently in physical therapy for. There has also been a wonderful nuptial ceremony with the love of my life 🙂 and our family and friends at home and here. I am glad to be back by Gods grace.

I share all this to let you all know that I’m thankful for your love, support and prayers and I’m glad to write again and pour out what God shares with me in my time of prayer, in my study time of the word, at the retreats I go to , in career, life and ministry as God leads me. I am now under the leadership of my beloved also 🙂 and so I get to share his wisdom as he guides me to. So I hope you all understand this new phase of my life 🙂
How are you all celebrating mothers day? I hope you are celebrating Gods goodness and remaining encouraged in the faith. Today actually marks one year since I graduated school and when I reflect on Gods goodness thoughout the challenges 

As you enjoy your Sunday, I want to leave you today with this scripture that is on my heart

Isaiah 41:10

” Fear thou not for I am with thee; Be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee; I will help thee and I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness amen”.

Next Blog post as I’m led…

…Faith as a fruit of the spirit 
Sometimes our faith goes through a testing…but it is for our good amen 

Talk soon


Identifying Discipleship Killers & How to Increase in your devotion to God

Friends, hope you are well. It’s been a while and I’m glad to be back. Everything in life needs a balance and I trust that you are increasing in all areas of your life. I’m in a life transition post-grad and I have had the opportunity to be travelling and picking up more life responsibilities, the wisdom pearls of which I want to share with you this Sunday afternoon. In light of the many happenings in the world today, I want to challenge you not to burn out or Kay down your devotional life or lose your intimacy with the father. I encourage you to remain anchored to the source of life Jesus is that you don’t dry up; for if we dry up we will be as chaff and may be easily blown away by any wind of adversity that blows. But Glory to Jesus who intercede for you and I that our faith will not fail amen! I just have some wisdom capsules and word for you to meditate on this day and week, especially in light of all that is happening in the world today: 

  •  Deeply meditate and reflect on these questions from the father’s heart in ministry today: 
  • “Am I completely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all areas of my life?”
  • “When the world says to redefine marriage, do I ask myself what Jesus says and how he defined it?”
  • “Am I adopting Jesus philosophy, practice and way of life?”
  • “Am I walking closely with Jesus by DAILY following after the holy spirit ?”
  • “Am I abiding in the words of Jesus?”
  • Am I experiencing a daily transformation of my heart and behaviour
  • “How do I become a radical disciple of Jesus Christ?” 

Note these 3 key things that can kill the path of discipleship 

— Discipleship Killers

1. Making Excuses of Posessions: see Luke 14:18-20. What he was accumulating was more important to him than Jesus. Obsession with possession can contend with the profundity and place of our faith. Folks, nothing that you possess is eternal. It is only a gift from God that you are called to faithfully steward
2. Making Excuses of having responsibilities: see Luke 14: 18-20. The man said I just bought some oxens, I have to go take care of them. Allow your commitments to be in the right rank of priority and don’t let them choke out your ultimate relationship with the father 
3. Making excuses of family & relationship: see Luke 14:18-20. See this is tricky and God is not saying we should abandon our family or loved ones but the moment we replace God with any other relationship , we invite the excuse of relationship in our calling. Instead, our family and love relationship should be a tool we use to contend for the salvation of more souls and not as a tool to excuse ourselves from service 

Ways to Increase your devotion, growth and intimacy with the Lord:
1. Surrender: surrender your life wholeheartedly to Jesus in body, mind and soul. Don’t hold back on areas of your life and open up on some. If you don’t know the Lord Jesus ,ask him into your life and ask him to fill you with his holy spirit 
2. Answer the call of discipleship: Will you go when the Lord sends you? I mean the real GO, not the obsession that has gripped the world today in games. Can you imagine if the world was more committed to following and answering the call of God? Answering means you and I must be willing to let some lifestyles go, some habits drop, some passions burn off, some relationships cut off, some behaviors go. Why ? Because you represent a new identity;the one that you gave willingly answered to. And believe me, great is the reward for answering this call. O, it is great and nothing in this world can compare.

2. Bear the cross: consider Jesus who had no sin and yet was crucified for us and remember that when you give your life to Jesus , you do not only come to a glorious life but a life that carries a responsibility to bear your cross. Count the cost, sometimes there may be hardship . Often ,our flesh will have to die and if we are really honest with ourselves ,we can prayerfully invite the Lordship of Christ in areas of our lives that need transformation 
My friends , be reminded that daily you win through Christ, so please be encouraged and keep fighting this fight of faith . know that Jesus cares for you even now and wants to hear your voice, your worries and your concerns. He bids you to come up higher and surrender wholeheartedly to him, walking this path that will lead you to a deeper devotion and the increase that comes from above. You are the salt of the earth, don’t lose your flavor or your savour. Through your life, testimony, discipleship and increased devotion to God, someone might even come to know Christ! Have you considered that?  You are blessed and highly favored! Keep me in your prayers even as I keep you in mine

Blessings & happy Sunday 


How to Meditate Effectively: JC Retreat Camp

Hello friends,

I am in the woods of Monroe, Pennsylvania at Spruce Lake Retreat Center for the annual retreat called “Jesus Camp (JC)”. JC is not a mere meeting but an ongoing movement that mobilises people of all ages and background who are simply searching for deeper relationship with God; who want to spend time in His presence to be renewed and revived; who want to learn how to pray; and who simply want to see the hand of God cone through for them in their lives, family, community and country.

It’s always a very refreshing time in the Lord. Gifting are stirred up, miracles take place, the spirit of prophecy breaks out and the Holy spirit moves mightily in our midst. This year the theme is “walking in the light of the Word”. I am currently in the Saturday session and Ministers Willie& Mike together with the worship team led us into the presence of the Lord and I felt the joy of the Lord in this place.

Rev Leslie, PIWC Buffalo yesterday: Spruce Lake Retreat Center

Now Rev Yeboah, who previously was the district Pastor of Pentecost Buffalo is teaching right now on “Meditating on God’s word” and I thought to share some of the highlights I’m enjoying and the revelation the holy spirit is pouring out as I listen and tune in.

How does one meditate? The world has so much of their own forms of meditation and if the world can present to you a form of meditation to ‘help’ your mind and body etc,  then you should know that there is an even more tremendous power in meditating on God’s word. How do you meditate?

1. Hearing: Well first you must hear the word/message/content of whatever you are to meditate on. You can hear the word in church, conference, tape, recording etc

2. Reading: then you follow through with what you heard by reading and recapping it. You can do so in your own quiet time, consciously making time for it

3. Studying: then you dig further by researching the material and brooding over it over and over so it seeps deeper into your heart and mind.

The benefit of the message is in your obedience otherwise it is of none effect to you. As you meditate you will reap deep understanding , filling, healing, hope and refreshing from the word

My message to you friends:
1. You must desire to study God’s word

2. You must simply make time for it. If you are too busy to read the word, you are just too busy! Cut out unecessary distractions. You can’t afford to be ignorant of the wisdom keys in God’s word.

3. Your success is hidden in the word of God, do not take it lightly. Start with at least 10 minutes each day at a designated time. If you are too busy now, can you imagine what it will be like when the clutter gets worse? Start cultivating the habit of reading Gods word now

4. The secret of the good relationship which you desire is in the word of God.

5. It is by the word of God that you will outlast the storm. Anything built on the rock of Ages (Jesus) will stand

6. You are not above reading God’s word. You must be disciplined and committed.

7. Your life depends on the word because everything shall pass away but the word shall remain

“When it comes to the Word of God, every child of God is on ‘medication’. So ask yourself have you taken your medication(the word) today?” – Rev Yeboah

Joshua 1: 8
Ephesians 6:12
James 1:21
Ezekiel 3:3

Hope you were blessed by the notes 🙂

April:Your Better Month Is Here!

  • Happy New Month my friends!

Today is exactly 1 year since launching my blog, PillBox and it is such a joy to celebrate 1 year of blogging with you! As always, I want to thank you for your time, love and fellowship.

My friends, April is a special month for you: It is the beginning of the second quarter of the year. That affords us time to  reflect on how we started off the year, so we can steer the course of the remaining months. Warrior, don’t despise the way your year began, you might just be getting  started! April marks the physical momentum of an already birthed spiritual revival: the ‘Azusa Now‘ movement in LA this month, and several other sweeping movements, one of which is our local church’s ‘Jesus Camp‘. I challenge you to be plugged in at your post because you will encounter God like never before in this season of what I call the “post-ressurection” phase.


Before I continue, let me take a moment to explain the reason for my temporary absence here: Continue reading April:Your Better Month Is Here!

Resuming Blogging: Back From Sabbatical with an End-Of-Year Word

resetHello my friends! I hope this greeting finds you well! it is so great to re-connect with you all again after taking time out for a well-needed sabbatical 🙂 . As you may have realized, I had not been writing or very active on my social media outlets. This is because I purposely took time out  to restrejuvenate, spend more time with my family and also to hear from the Lord on the next steps of my personalacademic and ministerial walk. I also utilized this time to attend to key academic endeavors which are also very important to my school life and ministry as a whole.  I also used the time to retreat and also connect with friends who needed personalized outreach and support; i must say that this time of sabbatical has been rejuvenating on many levels, although I sincerely did miss being here and other social media outlets to connect and dialogue with you all 🙂

  • My Prayer & Wisdom Capsules For You: I am glad to be back  because I get to communicate with you again! I pray that as this calendar year comes to a wrap, that you will also find some little time to also do some  personal and perhaps cooperate introspectionconnect deeper with your familyguardians and loved onesrejuvenate and re-strategize on the visions God has placed in your heart, and to also hear from Him on better navigating the situations you may be facing. God is definitely at work in you even as you lean in to Him. Whenever we are resting in the father and focused on him, we are better able to key into what heaven is saying in that season and therefore we are able to hear with clarity and run with endurance!

In Everything Give Thanks

  • This is the Word I have for you: I am well aware that the year 2015 is wrapping up and for many of us, it may be an anxious time. As some people voice the great offerings the year brought them, some might perhaps be lamenting the challenges and maybe grievances the year may have come with. Regardless of which “category” you may have designated your sentiments, I want to encourage you to not lose sight of this: Thanking God.
  • Scripture Reference: The psalmist said ” Gracious is the Lord and righteous; yea, our God is merciful. The Lord preserveth the simple: I was brought low and the Lord helped me. Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee. For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears and my feet from falling. I will walk before the Lord in the Land of the living” (Psalm 116:5-9)
  • Final Message for You Today: If you feel weighed down at this time of the year, know that you can cast your cares to God and invite the holy spirit to help you in prayer. Remember the good things God has done for you from January till now and know that the end of a thing is better than the beginning; Also remember that all situations help you to better develop the fruit of the spirit ( i.e. love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, faith, self-control, humility. In all things, continue to give thanks as the year ends; for by showing gratitude,you position yourself to receive more from the Lord! Again, I am glad to be back online to connect with you all my friends 🙂 . I hope you are glad too. Feel free to drop me a message here. we will talk more soon! Good morning/Good afternoon/ Good evening to you 🙂


How Can a Yoke Be Easy & A Burden Be Light? A Word From The Father

Hi friends, Praise God for He is good! i just got this word this evening as I was spending time with the Lord and I am releasing this brief word here to exhort you:

Earlier last week, I came across  a post from Rick Joyner which said: “We will all carry someone’s yoke —either the yokes of this present evil age or the yoke of the Lord.” and during the week this statement was still sitting in my heart and I was still asking the Lord about it, then this evening, the holy spirit began to just pour out this message in its fullness as I was in his presence.

Now Jesus said “My yoke is easy. And the burden I carry is light” ( Matthew 11:30)

Two things:
1. Easy Yoke
He said carrying His yoke is easy. But carrying the yoke of the world is not easy; because it is destructive in the end. Carrying what moves the father’s heart is easy because he is actually your strength. The yoke of the world is bondage, marginalisation and religion (i.e. rules, doctrine, dogma, manipulation,control, condemnation,wild obsession over sin and judgement). So he says we should “Take upon us HIS yoke AND learn from him” (vs.29). In other words, take upon you His great commission to witness to the world. Take upon you His nature in its fullness, not parts of it; don’t take on His great triumphs only but the paths that lead triumphs, however winding, because THIS yoke (this way) is an easy one. Any other way is an illusion. Take this easy yoke for with Him you can still advance!

2. Light Burden
He says his burden is light. So there IS a burden alright. It’s just  that it’s light. But how can any burden ever be called “light”? Oh, is Jesus making light of something so serious here? Not so my good friends, not so! For he himself  once carried a burden. Yet he calls it light! So then how did he carry this “burden” such that it seemed so light although it was indeed heavy? Perhaps, he carried it to the altar of prayer. Or maybe he carried it to the altar of sacrifice, pouring himself out to the Father and receiving prevailing power. Perhaps he carried it on the bed of the glorious promises his father spoke to him, all of which was not yet revealed to his disciples.  Perhaps he carried it with wisdom, knowing when and how to respond to the religious scribes and teachers who sought to slyly entrap him with His own words.

O there must indeed have been a way the Lord carried His burden such that he would have the audacity to call it light!

Perhaps, this is why C.S Lewis once said :

” It is not the load(burden) that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it”


Listen, don’t break your neck over any burden you feel like you may be “carrying”. Only “carry” it well. Carry it by effectual fervent prayer. Carry it by sacrifice.Carry it by resolve. Carry it by diligence. Carry it by faith. Carry it by maintaining your confession. Carry it TO your Father who is ready to relieve you for he says he gives the weary rest! He WILL give you rest even now in Jesus name amen!


Good News: Goodness!

Hello my friends, hope you are all doing well and pressing in the father. I am finally getting back to the “Fruit of the Spirit” series that we have been exploring. Thanks as always for your patience; for taking time to read the blog and sharing with your friends. We have looked at 1. Love 2. Joy 3. Peace 4. Patience 5. Kindness and Today, I have a word on 6.Goodness, as a component of the fruit of the spirit (Gal 5:22) which I want to share:

  • God Wants You To Experience His Goodness

Who wouldn’t  want to experience the goodness of the Lord?Or have goodness and mercy  follow them all the days of their life? Or have the “good spirit of the Lord” instruct them when they are in desperate need of direction? Who wouldn’t want to see the Lord crown this year 2015 with his goodness and fill their paths with great increase? Better yet, who wouldn’t want their unsaved family members, loved ones and friends to experience the goodness of the Lord which leads to salvation? My good friends, God wants YOU to experience of the fullness of his goodness and simultaneously emanate this goodness.

  • So What Is ‘Goodness’ or ‘Good’?

Goodness in its original translation means “of a good constitution or nature, useful, pleasant, agreeable, joyful,excellent, distinguished, upright, honorable” and so forth. The term is so multifaceted in its use that we find ourselves borrowing it in diverse circumstance to convey our sentiments: For instance, one may say “good character” as though to say “this person has a pleasant attitude”; Or “good drink” as though to say “this beverage is strong”; Or “good service” as though to say ” this business agency delivers quality services”; or “good relationship” as though to say “this relationship is working out great”; or “good church” as though to say “this church has good preachers and is very welcoming” etc.  Hopefully you get my point here: the term “good” is generously ascribed to a category of descriptions provided that the thing which it is describing brings some sort of gratification. As much as this is great, the God-kind of “goodness/good” is beyond mere gratification or the fruit of an exterior work.

  • The God-kind of Goodness & It’s Manifestations in Your Life

The God-kind of “goodness” is innately birthed by the inner workings of the holy spirit (see Phil 2:13). This “goodness” is measured in the light of the father’s goodness– and mind you, the father is very good. In fact, scripture says it is His goodness that leads us away from sin to repentance (Rom. 2:4). And the sinner who is won over by this affectionate display of the father’s goodness  is consequently motivated by it to now produce good works ( Eph 2:10). These “good works” now manifest in many ways: it influences how we deal with conflict management,  in how we speak the truth in love, in how we treat people who may have wronged us, in how we utilize  our authority over others when we are in positions of power and influence, in how we give honor and respect to others, in how we give our time and resources, in our lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, work activity), in what activities etc we give our attention to, and even in how we treat our own selves too!

  • When “Good” Is not so “Good”:  Some Life Examples

The flesh on itself cannot produce any good works; Or if it did, it would not be lasting or would not stand the test of time. This is why Apostle Paul in Romans 7:18 says “there is no good thing in my flesh [ carnal selfish dispositions]”. In fact, in our attempts to “do” good works from fleshly dispositions, sometimes we oppose what God is doing. For instance, feeding a toddler is a “good thing” because he/she cannot feed him/herself; Feeding him is therefore a display of a “love/goodness/affection” etc. But if that child is always spoon-fed past the time he should be feeding himself (yet has the full capacity to feed him/herself), then the “help” being offered is indirectly hindering that child’s development and capacity to be healthily independent. Let me give you another classic example from scripture: At the mount of transfiguration, Peter had the honor to be invited by Jesus; But in Peter’s over-zealous disposition and bewilderment, he almost lost focuse on savoring the divine heavenly moment with Jesus but instead told Him “it is good for us to be here ( to remain here) and if you wish I could build 3 tabernacles: one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah”. Was it necessary? Peter was already with the one in whose fathers house are many mansions! he did not have to offer to build a habitation; perhaps he could have just plugged into the immense glory of the moment as Jesus was about to be transfigured.

  • Finally, Some Great Reflections & An Offer For You This Week

Consider the story above: Are we any different from Peter? Maybe not; Sometimes we do get extremely over-zealous and frantic in an attempt to display the “goodness” inside of us in certain situations but the God-kind of goodness is always measured in the light of the father’s goodness and PURPOSE because it is him who works in us both to will and act to fulfill his good purpose. This inner working of the fruit of goodness is spirit-led and motivated by love. It calls good as good and evil as evil. It is does not compromise on truth even when popularity or fame is offered in exchange. It stands the test of time. It emanates from the inner workings of the holy spirit and it is displayed even in the direst of circumstances. It is developed and cultivated; It is a beautiful thing and today…..

….It is available just for you:

“For I know that good itself does not dwell in me (that is, in my sinful nature). For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do–this I keep on doing…In my inner being, I delight in God’s law…What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!” ( Romans 7: 18-25)

The father is here to deliver and help you as you call on Him even now. I pray that you are liberated by the good news of Christ and his goodness for you. I pray that you are empowered to manifest his goodness wherever you are in life because He that lives in you is greater.



NB: I am in the process of responding to your blog questions. In fact, the next post will be a response to one of the questions I received about how we balance our time effectively,juggle school, kingdom work and other aspects of life in such a way to  produce results. I am excited to answer this question so please check back for that blog post and keep sharing the blog post links 🙂

A Word For You For September

Hello my friends, hope you are well. Thank you for your love and friendship as always. You have not seen posts recently because I’ve been travelling a lot the past week to refuel, receive fresh impartation, seek the father’s face in prayer, soak in his power and presence so that we can be strengthened for this journey. Stay tuned as more blog posts are coming on the remaining posts for the #FruitOfTheSpirit.  But before I do so, I have a word for September for you which I want to release here:

“For God is not so unjust as to forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have ministered to the saints and continue to minister to them.

But we want each of you to continue to be diligent to the very end, in order to give full assurance to your hope.

Then, instead of being lazy, you will imitate those who are inheriting the promises through faith and patience.” — Hebrews 6:10-12

Welcome to a glorious month, September! As we have entered into the last quarter of the calender year, press on with diligence and finish well. Do not give up even if Satan buffets you.

Remember, finishing strong is what matters. Jesus after he endured to the end said ” It is finished!”. Paul said ” that I may finish my course and run my race to the end”. Many of you may be weary, and i know that feeling, but engage his word which even says ” He who has began a good work in you will bring it to completion”.

The word for this month is this: engage tenacity and diligence to  finish strong. Partner with the holy spirit to receive that divine energy and momentum to run. Be very sensitive to the spirit because God is making known to us deep mysteries that will guide us into right paths. These revelations and unveiling from him might come in unconventional ways and in parts so be open to his leading; Write whatever visions and truths he says to you so that you can run with it.Stay connected to the source- Christ- and keep watch(prayer) around the clock for he is hearkening to the earnest prayers of his people. Amen


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Response is Here! Question: How do Believers Relax/Enjoy Entertainment?

Hello Friends, as promised, here is the second part of the response to the question I received two days ago 🙂

Just to recap, the question was: “What do christians do in their downtime to relax/ enjoy entertainment? The media and entertainment industry is dominated by the world. I feel their form of entertainmentand social relaxation are directed at the mind to keep us in bondage.”

Here is my response is:

Believers do/can enjoy a variety of things as a form of relaxation/ entertainment. This is not an exhaustive “list” by any means.



1. They Enjoy Positive Music: Music is a a powerful medium that can be healthy and rejuvenating to the soul in many ways.

  • The Music: I am reminded of a of a King who was being tormented by an evil spirit. He was advised to find a good musician to play the harp (music) so that the “evil spirit” could leave him.
  • The Musician: The “good musician” was not only talented but he was described as “a brave warrior, a man of valor, prudent in speech, of a comely countenance and good judgement“. Also, this musician knew the Lord intimately. So the power of his music was not just in talent, but in a holistic embodiment of character and purpose. Although I cannot classify the exact genre of his music, I do know his name as David. You can learn more about him and his him here: Google “1 Sam 16:14-23”.
  • The Spirit of the Music: Since David’s music carried the kind of Power to Restore AND maintain the cognitive sanity, mental balance and relaxation that the King needed, I would like to think that this kind of music was not just anything ordinary or trashy but something quite meaningful, otherwise I don’t see how dark songs can cast out dark tormenting spirits. I am not saying the music was necessarily some “Cece Winans Music” #1 on the gospel charts with high soprano and only “Hallelujah” as the lyrics. But you get my point hopefully. What spirit is overshadowing you in the name of “relaxation”?
  • Your Health & Music: Also, in my ongoing practice in healthcare, I have come across music therapy being used at several hospitals to help patients in recovery and relaxation actually. Remember, God wants your soul to prosper and he wants it to be well with you 🙂
  • My Personal vignette on Great Music & Relaxation: I often wind down with relaxing music that uplifts my soul, renews and transforms my mind, releases me of tension WITHOUT opening psychological gates into lustful and carnal exploits which leave me empty and defiled. If you are tempted, you are free to flee. Temptation is not just a reference to sex. Anger, envy, jealousy, rage, recurring bouts of bitterness are all forms of temptations and these can all be roused by certain music or atmospheres. The words and atmospheres that certain music create are powerful on both ends of the spectrum: wether good or evil.  Music can seriously help you or seriously mislead you into some  darkness. In your quest for entertainment and relaxation, please watch what you allow into the chambers of your soul . Remember, we are advised to ” walk circumspectly; living as wise and not unwise” ( Ephe 5:15). But even if you feel you are in a pit of darkness, the power of God can bring you out now! Release yourself from it by calling on Jesus even now.



2.They Socialize with Friends/Family/Loved Ones: We are designed for connection and that is why from the beginning, God designed a human companion for Adam in the form of his counterpart Eve. I am not saying you must marry now by force to experience relaxation. If you are married, praise God. If you are not and you desire it, you can pray and ask about it from married folks. But the actual point I am trying to make has to do with meaningful connections and healthy relationship even with your own self, with your friends, your family members and indeed, your loved ones. 


  • Meaningful Connections With Others Can Be Relaxing: Just as God expects us to commune with him,  he also expects us to also establish meaningful and healthy relationships with our fellow humans. If you are at loggerheads with friends and family, perhaps this is a good time to begin the process of making peace with them. God is ready to help you through that healing and restorative process if you are willing.  There is indeed a certain relaxation and joy you can glean from the company of great companion. If however, you feel constantly needy for others and can’t seem to be okay on your own at all, that might be a sign that you are unhealthily attached and the enemy could use that as bait to enslave you into desperately seeking  entertainment in that unhealthy connection. But the GOOD NEWS is you can break free. Yes, do glean the joy of meaningful connections but do not became a slave to it or the people.
  • Meaningful Socialization Using Today’s Technology:  Sometimes, folks in different parts of the world connect with friends or family over phone, skype or other technological medium for meaningful dialogue (Remember we are advised to “avoid godless chatter [idle talk, profane chatter, pointless discussions] because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly” 2 Tim 2:16).  I endeavor to maintain a healthy level of merry because “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones” ( Prov. 17:22) .
  • Powerful  Tip As You Enjoy The Entertainment: I entertain environments and conversations that are positive for my soul; I exercise discernment and I consciously avoid conversations and environments that have the potential to rouse negative feelings and lure me into unhealthy paths whose eventual consequences are too great to bear.


  • Good News For You About Entertainment : God wants your heart to be merry and wants you to be wise in doing so by using the compass of his word and the guidance of holy spirit.



3. They Explore the Great Things Community & Creation Has to Offer: There are lot of good things out there.

  • Good Movies Can Be Relaxing: Some will find a good movie with a good message/lesson to watch at home (there are lots out ( e.g. Fireproof, Courageous, Facing the Giants, to name a few. There are actually more coming out too e.g. Warroom. You can search for them online or ask at a library, at your cell group meetings etc) and I trust that you will find many 🙂
  • Some Group Events/ Mall Trips: Some guys invite their friends over and hang out in their “man cave” and enjoy each others company. I know kingdom men like that. Some ladies might meet to “explore and appreciate the world of costumery” ( that is to say umm, going to the mall 🙂 . Of course, being financially wise and sensible in the things we buy.). Some also relax by exploring wildlife, and sane adventuresContrary to popular belief, Believers don’t live in a “religious box”. Or at least, I don’t. The God we know in the Holy bible breaks our religious boxes and limited framework of thinking and living. Since he created this entire world (nature, mountains, oceans and whatnots) then we want to experience the beauty of his handiworks to his own glory 🙂


  • Fun Campus/Community Workshops: I have friends on campus who might often meet up for  dinner and then attend workshops on campus/ in the community ( e.g. art & craft, gardening etc. and most are even free!). . Of course, I exercise wisdom in the things I consume. It cost a lot for Jesus to die for us; Too costly to cheapen ourselves to exchange our souls for temporary gratification in the name of  some kind of “entertainment”.  You can absolutely enjoy the handiworks of God; and doing so in wisdom 🙂


  • Another Powerful Tip For You as You Enjoy: Let all things be done with prudence. Your interactions should be building you and maturing you into the nature of Christ; they should not influence or pressure you into certain evil behaviors and carnal practices. They should be drawing you closer to the Lord and not turning you away from him!  Release the light of God wherever you go. Let your conversations be wholesome and bring grace to those who hear it. (Proverbs 2, Psalm 1:1-3, Col. 4:6, Ephesians 4:29) 


Different Hobbies,Skills & Interests

4. They Explore Their Hobbies, Interests & God-given Gifts: Here this revelation: There is that one interest, hobby or skill you have and it’s a hint to the kind of things that God has designed to bring you relaxation and perhaps, as a by product, even generate you a secondary source of income! Because your gift will make room for you; room for joy, relaxation, peace, honor, blessings etc. Please, a hobby that is detrimental to your body, soul and spirit but yet gratifying to your sensual pleasures at the cost of your walk with the Lord is not what I am referring to here. I am referring to giftings and skills sets that are  so naturally wired within you that, you can enjoy doing them and perhaps even benefit others with it at the same time.

  • Art/Painting/ Photography: For instance, I have friends who are deeply artistic and would  paint. Some people paint prophetic art. Are you into art/media? Explore it.
  • Writing: I personally love writing. I could literally sit for 6 hours straight and prayerfully blog and not even feel the passing time. In fact, I have been blogging this whole post for about 6 hours  and I am actually very fulfilled and glad doing it because I have discovered a piece of my niche; It is my “relaxation space” and when I blog under inspiration, my soul is refreshed; it becomes an enjoyable relaxing process of pouring out. What is that thing you enjoy doing?
  • Counseling/Teaching: I also love to counsel, mentor and teach the word of God. I find satisfaction in it to pour out to others and that actually brings me a certain kind of inner peace. You can discover that thing you love;As you do, key into it.
  • Reading: I read leisurely on a wide variety of topics from science to marriage to leadership to religion to emotional health to finance etc. Hopefully, reading this blog is relaxing to you 🙂 . Discover yourself. Find your passions; they are hints to what might relax you in the process. Listen to those hints in your heart and be led by holy spirit to explore them.
  • Cooking: Sometimes too I cook especially during the school semester (rather ironically). It relaxes me. I have friends who find relaxation in doing same. They have discovered their “entertainment propeller”
  • Composing Music: While some relax by listening to music, some relax by making the music! Personally, I don’t play so I listen to the great music others have done.Some compose music and its even therapeutic to them and others. Some go fishing and legal hunting. I know of a prophet couple who go legal hunting together – man and wife.


  • Sleep & Rest: Rest is extremely important. In this fast-paced society where the idea of “busy” is so glorified, it is as though “rest and sleep” equates to laziness or a life without vision. Certainly,there is a time for everything and those who are wise know how to key into each facet of life so that they can optimize each moment and in doing so live wholly in body soul and spirit!

So….please Relax.

Enjoy some healthy entertainment.

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