#Peace 2: Pursuing Peace With Others, Responding To Conflicts Appropriately & Enjoying Life

Hello Friends, Today i am continuing with the second level of Peace and I share some heartfelt and deep insights from the Lord as well as from my spiritual guides which will bless you immensely.

The second level of Peace is:

2. The kind of peace God wants YOU to PURSUE WITH OTHERS

Earnestly pursue peace with Others. Your Reaction is Your Choice. You wield that Power.
Earnestly pursue peace with Others. Your Reaction is Your Choice. You wield that Power.
  • “Let Him who wants to enjoy life and see good days, keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from [treachery, deceit]. Let him turn away from wickedness and shun it and let him do right. Let him SEARCH for PEACE (harmony) and SEEK it EAGERLY (Do not merely desire peaceful relationship with God, with your fellow men and with yourself but PURSUE after [peace]!”— 1 Peter 3:12 (AMP)

God wants you to go after “Earnest Pursuit of Peace” with others. Because we don’t physically see God, sometimes its “easy” to affirm our affection for him but perhaps harder for us to affirm that same connection with our fellow human beings. But our relationship with God and our understanding of his nature should translate into our relationship with others. Christ says, he wants you to go beyond seeking peace with him, and EARNESTLY pursue PEACE with your mother, father, sister, brother, ex, professor, work supervisor, choir leader, pastor, Elder, best friend, husband, wife, ministry partners, younger friends, older friends and your own self too. Live peacefully with others because by so doing you yourself get to enjoy life! Do you realize the energy it takes to keep a grudge or conflict going? Today, lay down this weight that is drawing you back and commit to not only living peacefully with others but EARNESTLY SEEKING peace with them even if it means letting down your ego and pride to make amends, restore a friendship which went sour, returning to your parents, guardians or spiritual leads to make peace about certain situations.

  • “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.”- Romans 12:18

I understand that some situations are tempting for you to react in a conflictive manner. You know why? Because it gratifies the flesh and mankind’s natural disposition is to feed the flesh. But the man under the influence and constant leading of the holy spirit handles such situations better. Trust me, I used to be very ferocious and hot-headed but the work of the holy spirit wrecked that nature in me and matured me and still is. Does it mean I am perfect and better than everyone else? Of course not! But does it mean I wont earnestly do all I can to live in peace with brethren? Come on! And I encourage you to do same. Christ says, as much as possible live peacefully with everyone. You CAN do it with the help of the holy spirit. Tell your flesh it cannot be master over you and live it out.

  • How to respond to conflict in a manner that releases Peace

Holy spirit is a helper; meaning he seeks to help you. Help you DO what? It means you and I also have a role to play by cooperating with him. In any conflict, take authority of your emotions and choose how you will react. It is a form of powerlessness to actually let another person’s actions control your reaction when you have been gifted with the liberty of choice! Physics asserts that “there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action” but in the Kingdom, there is a spirit-led reaction to every action and it is YOUR choice. You are not of the world, you are of Christ!

Sometimes you  respond by taking time out to “cool off” that hot temper;

sometimes you respond by being delivered of that spirit.

Sometimes you respond by petitioning the father in fervent prayer.

Sometimes you respond by telling the contender the truth love.

Sometimes you respond by letting go and trusting God to vindicate.

You will have to grow into this whole process by disciplining yourself daily so don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you keep “missing the mark”. You are growing through the process but aim to keep on pursuing peace….earnestly.


  • “ Blessed (enjoying and happy and enviably fortunate and spiritually prosperous ( in the state in which the born-again child of God enjoys and finds satisfaction in Gods favor and salvation regardless of his outward conditions) are the peacemakers (makers and maintainers of peace) for they shall be called sons of God!”—Matthew 5: 10 AMP

Let me share this personal advice from one of my spiritual fathers. He told me “ Daughter, you will last long in ministry if you cultivate the fruit of being a peacemaker” and this wisdom stays with me. I understand it hurts when someone purposely imagines or ochestrates conflicts or contention and isn’t even humble enough to make amends. Or worse, makes it difficult when you are rather the one trying to bring peace and restore the relationship. But that is where the real nature of Christ is birthed! Peacemaking makes you free because you know your spirit holds nothing antagonistic. It is the contender and proud person who is always uneasy if you notice, BUT we are called to release Peace because we are sons of God. By doing so, we are blessed and enjoy the favor and satisfaction of the Lord even if our case suffers ( see 1 Peter 3:11-16) . By pursuing peace, we could win the contending soul to christ or help that believer- wether young or old- grow into  better Christ-like character. For the sake of Proverbs 6:16, if you are the one propagating conflict and sowing discord among brethren, I want you encourage you to stop okay. Make that confession to Jesus and ask him to forgive you and trust that he does. If you have to go and make peace with some fellows, go for it. And if someone is trying to draw you back by telling you “it will make you look weak”, tell that person, real weakness is allowing someone’s unpeaceful behaviour to dictate your reaction, stifle and control you. Break free from that in Jesus name! You are blessed.

Will you choose to be peaceful? I hope you do 🙂 . Check back here by the end of the weekend for the final part 3 and bless a friend by sharing this blog post with them.

Stay peaceful


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