What Is My Reward in Bearing-long?

Hello Friends, I hope you are all well 🙂  June has seen many events and perhaps it is a time for the body of christ to be more vigilant than ever and war against the enemy’s taunting with the shield of faith and cast down strongholds by fervent prayer.

Walk fearlessly in his power and know that Love is the greatest weapon. 


Today i want to continue on the “Long-suffering” blog post. Specifically, I want to look at how long-suffering can develop compassion in us.


 What is  long-suffering teaching cultivating in me?


  • LONG-SUFFERING IS PRODUCING COMPASSION IN YOU: Every situation  carries the potential to develop in you compassion for others. Compassion breeds miracles. Every miracle Jesus did was birthed from the bowels of compassion ( Matt. 14:4,  Matt 9:36, Mark 6:34). By God’s grace, sometimes I am able to help folks who come see me about several issues from academics, to relationships, to conflict resolution, to  financial hardships to family to sicknesses to private struggles etc and because I have “borne long” with these situations before, and God gave me wisdom and carried me through the process, I am able to reach out to others. These situations developed compassion in me for others, renewed my strength and actually promoted me to new heights in the Lord and life in general. And that is what people out there need: Compassion and solutions; and not mere sympathy with head knowledge. The situation you are bearing long with is sometimes a sign of the very ministry God is probably birthing in you to help others. Ask yourself “What is this situating cultivating in me?”. Instead of letting the situation make your bitter, see it as an opportunity to engage a new assignment, an opportunity to overcome and an opportunity to now bless others.


Silhouette of mother kissing child on head

  •  YOUR EXPERIENCE IS A SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM: If you have not failed a test before, how can you feel the burden of someone complaining to you about school? If you have not been betrayed, rejected or taken advantage of before, how can you empathize fully with someone? If you have not experienced the pressures of building a business, ministry, brand etc, how can you help someone else traveling the same path? Friend, this is why Jesus can empathize with us because what you are experiencing right now is something he has faced before; he patiently endured and overcome! He made a public ridicule of the enemy tormenting your life. Right now in Christ, you have been equipped to manifest that overcoming nature and exercise authority over the enemy! (luke 10:19, Col 1 ). Because Jesus tasted the suffering, he is able to empathize  with you in every affliction and bring you to a wealthy place.


“….we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.”- Psalm 66:12



  • EMBRACING THE PROCESS WILL MATURE & PROMOTE YOU: I hear many people say “God has called me to do XYZ” but they do not embrace the whole process of it. Remember that if we are to know the Lord in his victorious resurrection, then we are also to know him in his death & suffering (see Phil. 3:10, Romans 8:17). It is essential in cultivating the fruit of Long-suffering.  If we want to experience the fullness of life, then we ought to understand that the fullness of life is not only in life’s “highs”  but also its “lows”; The process of long-suffering  develops humility in us, compassion in us for others and above all growth & maturity. Honestly, there are crushing and betraying experiences I have had over the course of time which served me many purposes: some  matured me, some made me wiser and the best part is this: some humbled me and reminded me to depend on Jesus and not my own understanding! But eventually, as I went through the process, the Lord brought me to a place of honor , favor and blessing. And that is exactly what long-suffering is producing in YOU right now as you go through the process healthily.




  • STRENGTH, MIGHT, RADIANCE & GLORY IS LOCKED UP IN LONGSUFFERING: The situation you are bearing long with is perhaps a miracle birthing and you might not know. Ask the Lord to give you strength to go through the process healthily and develop whatever virtues he wants you to have. Do not despair but rather allow the holy spirit to birth that beautiful work in you. There is so much power, might, strength,radiance and blessing that begins to flow on you and out of you as you partake of the fellowship with Christ in his ‘suffering’ and in his resurrection. 


As I wrap up for tonight’s post, I am reminded of a statement G. Cooke made which echoes these sentiments ever so deeply. He said ” It is absolutely essential that you are wounded in ministry and that you know the fellowship of His sufferings. It is such an essential part of the call, that we get wounded in the house of our friends, we get wounded by the people that we really thought we could trust, that we feel that kiss of betrayal that Jesus felt in the garden. Being betrayed and wounded is just a part of your development. If you want all the fullness of God, you have to experience all the fullness of life!”

Remember, There is so much power, might, strength,radiance and blessing that begins to flow on you and out of you as you partake of the fellowship with Christ in his ‘suffering’ and in his resurrection. 

You are blessed in Christ!

Stay Compassionate


Next blog post: #Gentleness……..gently wait for it 😉

NB: Are these posts blessing you? Is something not clear? Do you have particular questions? Feel free to drop them and as I am able to, I will do well to provide a response. Share this blog with someone and bless them. 🙂

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