Your Faith Produces Good Works

Greetings my friends, I hope you are doing well. I was recently meditating on John 6:28-29: the disciples had asked Jesus what they must do in order to “work” the works of God. I was amazed at Jesus’ response because I thought he would have told them to read more books, be extra zealous or perhaps be more generous. Although these are all important components of our Christian walk anyways, Jesus’ response was actually different. 

He responded ” Believe in the One Who sent me “. 

Perhaps this means that our belief system is the greatest demonstration of the divine workings in our life. How so? Did you know someone can believe in something so deeply, buy into it wholeheartedly, subscribe to it fully and actually begin to produce results that are consistent with the belief system– whether profitable or destructive? It is the same with your belief system except that we dont just believe anything and everything but we believe in the name of our Lord Jesus who died, arose triumphantly through and is seated with the father in Heaven speaking for you and me daily! 

Ask yourself these questions

  • In which deity have I established my faith and in whose word have I believed? 
  • What kind of ongoing relationship do I have with this deity?
  •  How sure and convinced am I that that he will surely come through for me in the day of trouble?

I sincerely pray that you would place your faith in Jesus; that you develop your faith daily, growing stronger by brooding over His word and letting it dwell so richly in you that you draw from those wells of inner richness daily

When a believer makes a statement like

 ” God can never lie to us!”

an unbelieving and wavering person is quick to rule that such a person is proud but that is not necessarily so. The one who is wholeheartedly making that profession of faith has read something in the word, hidden that word in his heart, received it into his spirit and out of the abundance of that word speaking by faith. You reproduce what you have first believed in your heart about Gods word. 

Daily, I have to be so intentional and conscious about what i am thinking and believing even when visible challenges are infront of me. There are a lot of troubling news in this world, ill feelings and projections from people, media and sometimes even family and if we are not careful we might fall into a pit of despair; And this is why the fight for our faith is not one we can afford to lose. Your faith is the driving force for your victory so keep holding on to it.

I was once sitting in my car, stopped at a red light and randomly looked at the rear mirror and saw a truck driving towards me with full speed. In that 5 second moment i did not know what to do for my safety or to preserve my life. In that moment I realised how little my own human efforts were. The only name I could call upon was Jesus.

On what word are you holding on to today and what is your measure of confidence in that word?

  • is there a “word  [you] have hidden in [your] heart”? to sustain you in the moment of temptation, seasons frustration and even seasons of joy?
  • Is that word just in your head or etched in the depths of your heart? Are you only speaking it with your lips or has your spirit received that rhema so richly that it produces good works in your life?
  • Can we say about you like Paul did Abraham that “ you [are] FULLY PERSUADED that God would do what He promised”- Romans 4:21 and this persuasion by faith was credited to him and anyone else who would subsequently believe in Jesus Christ by faith. 

Life can be tough but believe me the Greater and tougher one lives inside of us.

All the things that Satan is using to bombard your mind, your heart, your soul and the feelings of inadequacy, incompetence and rejection are carefully crafted lies of satan in a futile, yet ferocious attempt to contend for your faith. Don’t give in as tough as it may be!

Satan wants you to loathe yourself, loathe God and blame everyone for your circumstance but don’t give him a chance. Don’t buy into a victim mentality. Speak from a renewed mindset 

How do you do so? By getting your mind stayed on Gods word till it begins to produce fruits of peace, goodness, love and righteousness in you. You are what God says you are through Jesus and I humbly challenge you to eat Gods word till you think it, believe it, live it and eat the fruits of it amen