Response is Here! Question: How do Believers Relax/Enjoy Entertainment?

Hello Friends, as promised, here is the second part of the response to the question I received two days ago 🙂

Just to recap, the question was: “What do christians do in their downtime to relax/ enjoy entertainment? The media and entertainment industry is dominated by the world. I feel their form of entertainmentand social relaxation are directed at the mind to keep us in bondage.”

Here is my response is:

Believers do/can enjoy a variety of things as a form of relaxation/ entertainment. This is not an exhaustive “list” by any means.



1. They Enjoy Positive Music: Music is a a powerful medium that can be healthy and rejuvenating to the soul in many ways.

  • The Music: I am reminded of a of a King who was being tormented by an evil spirit. He was advised to find a good musician to play the harp (music) so that the “evil spirit” could leave him.
  • The Musician: The “good musician” was not only talented but he was described as “a brave warrior, a man of valor, prudent in speech, of a comely countenance and good judgement“. Also, this musician knew the Lord intimately. So the power of his music was not just in talent, but in a holistic embodiment of character and purpose. Although I cannot classify the exact genre of his music, I do know his name as David. You can learn more about him and his him here: Google “1 Sam 16:14-23”.
  • The Spirit of the Music: Since David’s music carried the kind of Power to Restore AND maintain the cognitive sanity, mental balance and relaxation that the King needed, I would like to think that this kind of music was not just anything ordinary or trashy but something quite meaningful, otherwise I don’t see how dark songs can cast out dark tormenting spirits. I am not saying the music was necessarily some “Cece Winans Music” #1 on the gospel charts with high soprano and only “Hallelujah” as the lyrics. But you get my point hopefully. What spirit is overshadowing you in the name of “relaxation”?
  • Your Health & Music: Also, in my ongoing practice in healthcare, I have come across music therapy being used at several hospitals to help patients in recovery and relaxation actually. Remember, God wants your soul to prosper and he wants it to be well with you 🙂
  • My Personal vignette on Great Music & Relaxation: I often wind down with relaxing music that uplifts my soul, renews and transforms my mind, releases me of tension WITHOUT opening psychological gates into lustful and carnal exploits which leave me empty and defiled. If you are tempted, you are free to flee. Temptation is not just a reference to sex. Anger, envy, jealousy, rage, recurring bouts of bitterness are all forms of temptations and these can all be roused by certain music or atmospheres. The words and atmospheres that certain music create are powerful on both ends of the spectrum: wether good or evil.  Music can seriously help you or seriously mislead you into some  darkness. In your quest for entertainment and relaxation, please watch what you allow into the chambers of your soul . Remember, we are advised to ” walk circumspectly; living as wise and not unwise” ( Ephe 5:15). But even if you feel you are in a pit of darkness, the power of God can bring you out now! Release yourself from it by calling on Jesus even now.



2.They Socialize with Friends/Family/Loved Ones: We are designed for connection and that is why from the beginning, God designed a human companion for Adam in the form of his counterpart Eve. I am not saying you must marry now by force to experience relaxation. If you are married, praise God. If you are not and you desire it, you can pray and ask about it from married folks. But the actual point I am trying to make has to do with meaningful connections and healthy relationship even with your own self, with your friends, your family members and indeed, your loved ones. 


  • Meaningful Connections With Others Can Be Relaxing: Just as God expects us to commune with him,  he also expects us to also establish meaningful and healthy relationships with our fellow humans. If you are at loggerheads with friends and family, perhaps this is a good time to begin the process of making peace with them. God is ready to help you through that healing and restorative process if you are willing.  There is indeed a certain relaxation and joy you can glean from the company of great companion. If however, you feel constantly needy for others and can’t seem to be okay on your own at all, that might be a sign that you are unhealthily attached and the enemy could use that as bait to enslave you into desperately seeking  entertainment in that unhealthy connection. But the GOOD NEWS is you can break free. Yes, do glean the joy of meaningful connections but do not became a slave to it or the people.
  • Meaningful Socialization Using Today’s Technology:  Sometimes, folks in different parts of the world connect with friends or family over phone, skype or other technological medium for meaningful dialogue (Remember we are advised to “avoid godless chatter [idle talk, profane chatter, pointless discussions] because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly” 2 Tim 2:16).  I endeavor to maintain a healthy level of merry because “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones” ( Prov. 17:22) .
  • Powerful  Tip As You Enjoy The Entertainment: I entertain environments and conversations that are positive for my soul; I exercise discernment and I consciously avoid conversations and environments that have the potential to rouse negative feelings and lure me into unhealthy paths whose eventual consequences are too great to bear.


  • Good News For You About Entertainment : God wants your heart to be merry and wants you to be wise in doing so by using the compass of his word and the guidance of holy spirit.



3. They Explore the Great Things Community & Creation Has to Offer: There are lot of good things out there.

  • Good Movies Can Be Relaxing: Some will find a good movie with a good message/lesson to watch at home (there are lots out ( e.g. Fireproof, Courageous, Facing the Giants, to name a few. There are actually more coming out too e.g. Warroom. You can search for them online or ask at a library, at your cell group meetings etc) and I trust that you will find many 🙂
  • Some Group Events/ Mall Trips: Some guys invite their friends over and hang out in their “man cave” and enjoy each others company. I know kingdom men like that. Some ladies might meet to “explore and appreciate the world of costumery” ( that is to say umm, going to the mall 🙂 . Of course, being financially wise and sensible in the things we buy.). Some also relax by exploring wildlife, and sane adventuresContrary to popular belief, Believers don’t live in a “religious box”. Or at least, I don’t. The God we know in the Holy bible breaks our religious boxes and limited framework of thinking and living. Since he created this entire world (nature, mountains, oceans and whatnots) then we want to experience the beauty of his handiworks to his own glory 🙂


  • Fun Campus/Community Workshops: I have friends on campus who might often meet up for  dinner and then attend workshops on campus/ in the community ( e.g. art & craft, gardening etc. and most are even free!). . Of course, I exercise wisdom in the things I consume. It cost a lot for Jesus to die for us; Too costly to cheapen ourselves to exchange our souls for temporary gratification in the name of  some kind of “entertainment”.  You can absolutely enjoy the handiworks of God; and doing so in wisdom 🙂


  • Another Powerful Tip For You as You Enjoy: Let all things be done with prudence. Your interactions should be building you and maturing you into the nature of Christ; they should not influence or pressure you into certain evil behaviors and carnal practices. They should be drawing you closer to the Lord and not turning you away from him!  Release the light of God wherever you go. Let your conversations be wholesome and bring grace to those who hear it. (Proverbs 2, Psalm 1:1-3, Col. 4:6, Ephesians 4:29) 


Different Hobbies,Skills & Interests

4. They Explore Their Hobbies, Interests & God-given Gifts: Here this revelation: There is that one interest, hobby or skill you have and it’s a hint to the kind of things that God has designed to bring you relaxation and perhaps, as a by product, even generate you a secondary source of income! Because your gift will make room for you; room for joy, relaxation, peace, honor, blessings etc. Please, a hobby that is detrimental to your body, soul and spirit but yet gratifying to your sensual pleasures at the cost of your walk with the Lord is not what I am referring to here. I am referring to giftings and skills sets that are  so naturally wired within you that, you can enjoy doing them and perhaps even benefit others with it at the same time.

  • Art/Painting/ Photography: For instance, I have friends who are deeply artistic and would  paint. Some people paint prophetic art. Are you into art/media? Explore it.
  • Writing: I personally love writing. I could literally sit for 6 hours straight and prayerfully blog and not even feel the passing time. In fact, I have been blogging this whole post for about 6 hours  and I am actually very fulfilled and glad doing it because I have discovered a piece of my niche; It is my “relaxation space” and when I blog under inspiration, my soul is refreshed; it becomes an enjoyable relaxing process of pouring out. What is that thing you enjoy doing?
  • Counseling/Teaching: I also love to counsel, mentor and teach the word of God. I find satisfaction in it to pour out to others and that actually brings me a certain kind of inner peace. You can discover that thing you love;As you do, key into it.
  • Reading: I read leisurely on a wide variety of topics from science to marriage to leadership to religion to emotional health to finance etc. Hopefully, reading this blog is relaxing to you 🙂 . Discover yourself. Find your passions; they are hints to what might relax you in the process. Listen to those hints in your heart and be led by holy spirit to explore them.
  • Cooking: Sometimes too I cook especially during the school semester (rather ironically). It relaxes me. I have friends who find relaxation in doing same. They have discovered their “entertainment propeller”
  • Composing Music: While some relax by listening to music, some relax by making the music! Personally, I don’t play so I listen to the great music others have done.Some compose music and its even therapeutic to them and others. Some go fishing and legal hunting. I know of a prophet couple who go legal hunting together – man and wife.


  • Sleep & Rest: Rest is extremely important. In this fast-paced society where the idea of “busy” is so glorified, it is as though “rest and sleep” equates to laziness or a life without vision. Certainly,there is a time for everything and those who are wise know how to key into each facet of life so that they can optimize each moment and in doing so live wholly in body soul and spirit!

So….please Relax.

Enjoy some healthy entertainment.

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