What Has #Love Got to Do With It?

..Everything! Love has everything to do with our Christian faith. The whole embodiment of the Christian faith is Love (agape)!

This whole season, the Lord has been echoing the importance of bearing the Fruit of the spirit( see Galatians 5:22) and several experiences, counsel and life lessons have confirmed the message so strongly. Today, I want to start off with the first component of the Fruit of the Spirit, which is #Love. Christ wants us to manifest the Fruit of Love (agape: defined as compassion, forgiveness, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God). See 1 Cor. 13:4-8



Apostle Paul says “The only letter of recommendation we need is you yourselves. Your life is a written letter…. everyone can read it and recognize our good work among you. “- 2 Corinthians 3:2

This means our demonstration of Christ-like character (fruit) is a “letter” and the world “reads” it and what they see in there testifies (hopefully) to the Lordship of Christ IN US! How are we relating with each other in the body of Christ and with those in the world? Are we quick to forgive? Are we easily offended? Are we too proud to make ammends? or do we demonstrate the selfless and sacrificial love that Christ himself first demonstrated by loving those who would eventually betray him, defending those who despitefully used him and sacrificing for those who still would reject him? (Matt. 26:21)

Conversely, do we take advantage of the grace extended to us by others by just hurting them the more just because we know they are loving people? (Romans 6:1). Friends, I am deeply concerned that perhaps we have misunderstood what it means to actually WALK in TRUE Christ-like love and I want to challenge us to practice the fruit of Love in our daily walk because we can totally do it! Yes, YOU can! Please read on…..




Jesus said in John 13:34- 35 “….I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will PROVE to the world that you are my disciples.” Honestly, it is hard for one to obey this commandment if one has not first died to themselves and submitted themselves fully to the Lord. Because if I confess Jesus as my Lord and profess to be led by the holy spirit, then out of my love for him, I obey his command to love! Do you know that after loving Jesus the next command is for us to love our neighbours as ourselves? (see Luke 10:27). In fact Bible says it impossible to claim to love God (who you cannot see) and yet not love a brother (who you see everyday). God wants us to manifest the fruit of agape and his spirit will help us do that if we yield. (1 John 4:20). Will you die to self and love sacrificially?


In my dealings with people and experiences in life, school, church, relationships, family, I have realized many at times, people who cant demonstrate Christ-like love, are more often than not struggling to love an aspect of they themselves, struggling with receiving the love of the Lord and subsequently the love of others or simply frustrated with where they are in life in the first place. If you love your own self, and have understood the grace and mercy Christ has demonstrated in dieing for you, you will extend that same grace to your neighbor. You can’t give something you don’t have: If you have freely received love, then freely you give also. 

1 John 3:16 says “We KNOW love BY this: that He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren”

The scripture above is essentially saying our STANDARD for loving others is Christ. This is serious!

Christ is a serious lover-man! And he is your father. Do you take after him?


Granted, in the flesh, it may not always be easy to love others. I do recognize people have been wounded by institutions that should have protected them, rewarded with ingratitude from people they poured into and so on. But see, your father Jesus went through it and came out victorious and assured you that all things will work out for you. He still wants you to love because he Christ has loved you also. Actually if you feel so inclined to “revenge”, your best so-called revenge is actually “Love”. Because Love is a weapon (see 1 Thes 5:8) that wins even the hardest heart and the most wretched soul and brings them also to the knowledge of the same Christ you serve!

God willing tomorrow, I am going to post the remaining  post which will look at this title: “I am offended. Why should I love” and “how to Love”

Stay in love 🙂


11 thoughts on “What Has #Love Got to Do With It?

  1. Hey! That’s powerful. But one thing that open my mind was, people who clam they’re “Christine” don’t love themselves as the bible tells us to but rather the people in the world love themselves as the bible do.

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    1. Hello Bro. Thanks for your comment. It is indeed important for us to demonstrate the true nature of Christ, tough as it may be. Going off of your great contribution, Now, would we say the world actually loves as scripture teaches? Would that mean we could still love as Christ teaches even without knowing Christ. Any thoughts?


      1. The unbeliever’s doesn’t love just as Christ wnt us to bcos their love is nt built on a solid foundation which is Christ. For a moment it will break down nd also Christians don’t only love people who re gud to them alone,
        but also their enemy as well whilst the world love only those who do gud to them.

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  2. I like that ” if you have freely received love then you freely give love”. And that doesn’t mean you are a fool or being passive, you just understand the concept of grace and mercy. Hmmm I believe if we look at how unconditional Gods love for us is closely, it serves as the basis and strong foundation. Also we must learn to love our selves first as CHRIST loves us (since we are created in his image) before we know how to love others.

    I leave with a verse in a song” open my eyes help me believe I am what you see”- I am what you see by Bishop Paul Morton. If we see how he sees and loves us soooo much (by even knowing the hairs on our head) and cares for us with specifics and plans for us in detail, we will love ourselves….and in return love others EVEN if difficult.


    1. amen! Thanks Diamond for visiting the blog. indeed, we need our eyes to be open and we ought to add to our faith knowledge. It is important. Unconditional love can be tough in the flesh but praise God for the leading and constant direction of the spirit. Indeed, if we see how he loves us so much then we can indeed return it. Thanks for your time here and i always appreciate it. continue to share PillBox and let us let love reign amen 🙂


  3. One powerful thing I learnt, no one can love with his/ her own will, dat love will fail but with the help of the holyspirit we will be able to love unconditionally. Also we re one body in Christ, without dat understanding it will be very hard for us to love but with dat we will love everyone as own body nd knw hw to handle the things they do to us. God bless u sooo much my dear, may he continue to plant ur feet on higher grounds nd give u divine wisdom to do exploit everyday.

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    1. Amen! It is indeed the case that the holy spirit helps us to love unconditionally. WE Bless him for his help. As we partner with him, he will give us understanding and clarity and enable us to love as Christ does, hard as it may be. Thank you for visiting the blog and for your message. Amen 🙂


  4. God bless you for your good work Rah. Your labor is not in vain at all. Love indeed is a weapon…Romans 12:17-21 also gives insight on how operating in love towards even those against us is a weapon. It puts coals of fire on their heads!
    Stay blessed woman of God.


    1. Amen and Amen! Hello Joana, thanks for visiting the Blog and thank you for your blessings. Glory to God. Indeed, the word you cited gives insight in how operating in love is indeed a weapon. Love is the greatest and i pray the Lord will help us to exhibit this fruit. Thanks again for your blessings and lets continue to stay in love 🙂


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