There is an Overcoming Nature in You: Praise & Pray On!

Praise the Lord!

At a friend's last weekend studying, she brewed me hot tea and the tea was extremely hot (see the steam) but I noticed it was the heat of the water that made the full tea bag brew strong with all its aromatic fragrance. Likewise, the overcoming substance in us is manifested in the "heat" of life
At a friend’s last weekend studying, she brewed me hot tea and the tea was extremely hot (see the steam) but I noticed it was the heat of the water that made the full tea bag brew strong with all its aromatic fragrance. Likewise, the overcoming substance in us is manifested in the “heat” of life

Through a series of unexpected recent challenges, the Lord used these precious occasions to give me insight into a common scripture from the book of Acts and equip me to appropriate a glorious provision he has made. Last weekend, I was at a friends place studying for a big exam and she brewed some spiced tea for me (pictured up). The water for the tea was extremely hot but I realized that the tea bag brewed strongly BECAUSE the water was hot. It was in the heat of the water that the fragrant aroma from the tea bag started emanating and I tell you that tea was good! Now this “tea brewing” experience is synonymous to the “roaring waters” we believers pass through when challenges surface. However, the “heat” of any situation should be brewing forth the overcoming substance in us! Of course, challenges like these are not unique to me , neither are they the first nor the last we have seen or will ever see, BUT rather it is what God revealed to me in Acts 16:24-26, the process and the outcome that I want to use to challenge your faith.

This is the anchor scripture the Lord led me to:

 …He(the prison guard) put them  into the INNER PRISON and FASTENED their feet. But about MIDNIGHT, as Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the [other] prisoners were listening to them, SUDDENLY, there was a great earthquake, so that the very foundations of the prison were shaken; and at once ALL the doors were opened and everyone’s shackles were unfastened.”— Acts 16: 24-26


Technically, Midnight is when it is 1. “Late” 2. Dark. Perhaps, Paul and Silas actually woke up at midnight to pray which is fine; in fact I even encourage you to do that because I actually regularly do that. But my main point here is that we sometimes hit life’s “midnights” and a “midnight” can be literally in the afternoon, morning, summer, winter, fall, in school, at work, at a meeting, in a developed country, in a developing country, in a homeless shelter, in an 8-bedroom mansion, in the north, in the south, you get the point. So instead of praying circumstantially, I want to challenge you to cultivate a lifestyle of “keeping watch around the clock” (i.e. praying at all times 1 Thes 5:17, Luke 21:36) as we are commanded to do. Have you have found yourself at a “midnight”? (i.e. 1. a Late situation 2.a Dark hour), that is exactly what came up against me recently and the Lord did a great merciful work and  he still is working. So like Paul, still go ahead and pray and minister to the Lord even in your “midnight” hour because he hears and answers even now as you pray!

8. Paul Silas prison
An illustration of Paul and Silas AND ALL the other prisoners being set free when they praised and prayed; such that the prison guard threatened to kill himself. We are being set free to set others free.


 Hear this good news: in that scripture in Acts 16:24-26, when Paul and Silas were praising and praying at the “midnight” (dark times), SUDDENLY EVERY OTHER prisoners chains also fell off! Please Re-read the scripture, last weekend i anchored on it and I understood that God is preparing his people for a generational breakthrough and that is why the process feels heavy for many at times, perhaps you feel it too sometimes! Holy spirit helped me understand that anytime I hit a challenge, it is an opportunity to war through not only for my breakthrough but for those connected to me be it family, friends etc. In other words his anointing is upon you to set captives free! Tarry on, soldier because by the power of God every barrier will break! Amen. See as much as we have our unique individuality, the Lord also sees us in the light of his cooperate body. As Gods children, we are innately wired to release power through our prayer and praise. If you believe you are a disciple of the Lord (Mark 16:15) being beckoned  to tell of his good news to all people out there, then you need to understand that like Paul, your prayer and praise is a weapon to shake ancient foundations and command gates – financial, academic, relational, spiritual, communal, national- to open so that your siblings,guardians, parents, mates, friends, loved ones etc can be free too!

And this this is exactly what the Lord is doing even as you….

“…pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people”— Ephesians 6:18


If you are determined to live out this victorious Christ-life in the face of the antagonism from the enemy—which I’m sure you are—then you need to recognize that challenges are a part of the everyday walk BUT the overcoming nature is the innate enablement of the spirit-led believer. You are actually designed to manifest the overcoming nature by recognizing that God has made a provision out of every circumstance you face; Focus on Him, minister to him in praise; Pray to him and when you have no words know that Christ himself is interceding for you (Romans 8:24).

Listen, I am reminded that we are supernaturally enabled with the power of God to break every barrier! Praise and pray on!  I felt this word really strong and thats why i felt to release it before i resume the Fruit series. Pray and praise on okay.


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