Battles of Mind &Soul:Resist the Enemy with Undistracted FOCUS

Endeavour To be Focused
Endeavour To be Focused

DISTRACTIONS: There is a lot of distraction in the world today in many shapes and forms and sometimes at strategic time points set by the enemy to dominate your mind and thoughts and lure you into self-pity and sudden fear, but as a believer with the enabling of the holy spirit, you should always watch and discern at all times and not give in lest you get distracted and lose focus. Sometimes you may hear an alarming news, see a disturbing incident, experience an unexpected mishap or even hear something potentially harmless which could still be an access point to your the realm of your soul and throw you off an emotional balance. These are strategic orchestrations by the enemy at times and if we are not spiritually discerning, focused on the Lords word or emotionally intelligent we will lose focus easily. I have learned and am still learning in the midst of sudden turmoils and challenges at school, home, personal life, family etc to:

At night i almost plunged down. I had to remind myself of the weapon of FOCUS
At night i almost plunged down. I had to remind myself of the weapon of FOCUS

WHEN THERE IS A SUDDEN PROBLEM: > Be Calm ( Isaiah 7:4 Say to him, ‘Be careful, keep calm and don’t be afraid.) >> Be Focused ( Isaiah 26:3: You will keep perfectly peaceful the one whose mind remains focused on you, because he remains in you) >>> Be Determined ( 2 Timothy 4:7 :  I have fought a good fight, I have finished [my] course, I have kept the faith) BE INTENTIONALLY FOCUSED: If I don’t learn to be intentional about keeping my mind on the Lord and his infallible promises of restoration and blessing to me ( and to you. Do you know them? If not, continue continue continue to talk to him), then guess what? Our minds will be a nice playground for the enemy and his agents to have a field day and guess what the enemy will do with free access? Exploit your mind as much as he can establishing false ideologies, “strongholds” and thoughts patterns to distract you be it in at work, on a task, in the process of discovering yourself, in business, at school, in a relationship, with family, in church, i mean everything and everywhere! Talk about full-blown exploitation BUT the GOOD NEWS is This:

God has given US the enablement by the help of the oly spirit to RESIST the enemy whenever he presents a thought, information, sight or any manner of bait.  Which is so perfectly described in James 4:7 when the word says “Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

You have to consciously remind yourself that YOU have the MIND of Christ. I do that all the time when I am losing focus and have to catch myself! 1 Cor. 2:16"…But we have the MIND of CHRIST…"
You have to consciously remind yourself that YOU have the MIND of Christ. I do that all the time when I am losing focus and have to catch myself!
1 Cor. 2:16″…But we have the MIND of CHRIST…”

AN EXPERIENCE THAT NEARLY THREW ME OFF FOCUS….…..As I was up late doing some work and a couple things, literally the enemy tried to attack my thoughts with a reminder of a past situation through the words of someone which was actually very harmless but because I was almost allowing the enemy to manipulate my thoughts,   I had to immediately SHUT the portals of my soul to his bait and focus back on the Lord!! and rather open the portals of my soul to:

>> 1. Reminding myself of the victories God has given me in the past, wether “small” or “big” whatever that even means.

>> 2. Rebuking the enemy and confessing the word of the Lord upon my life in a simple prayer of faith

>> 3. Repositioning: going to my sermon message selections: Now this is just a personal thing that has become part of me. Consider this like the way the ministry of exhortation (uplift, encourage, edify) functions My friend,the above is not some “fast check list” or anything but it just encompasses my everyday nature in christ and that is how you should like as a believer equipped with the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT ; that i am governed and led by his word, his promises, his good thoughts, fascinated by his glorious restorative work in me and for me for his glory and so all that the enemy is doing is relentlessly seeking to antagonize this work of christ in me and you. But remember James 4:7 again, which says SUBMIT to GOD, RESIST the devil and he will flee….flee flee fleeeee…when no one is pursuing him lol! Come on, get the last laugh on the enemy and don’t let him have a free ride in your soul and mind. You can overcome, You have OVERCOME in Christ! Just Submit to God and RESIST the devil…..

Will continue with the rest this week…..Stay anchored in Christ FOCUSED on Him. You have already won in him

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