Testimony: Why we must see God as a Father


Psalm 55:2 Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.
Psalm 55:2
Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.

Last night i went to the mall to run some errands and didn’t have a means to get back because it was late and i didn’t have a bus pass and i had some other complications. While i was running the errand though, i decided to just focus on why i came there and get my errands done. We have a national convention this weekend we are preparing for. As I was wrapping up, i said a prayer to God “Father, by the time i am done with my errands here, please send someone to meet me to drive me home”. How demanding! You may probably be wondering if it is a “legitimate prayer” to talk to God about such a “basic” need. And yeah it is: see, God wants us to see him as a father and not a “master” or dictator trying to oppress us. God cares about our daily lives even to minute details so much that I am realizing that if i cant see him and trust him with my everyday life then its such self deception for me to hold back and trust him for some big mysterious thing coming down from the sky at some mystical time in the future: And interestingly, this is exactly what we do and how we see God! Our mind has to be renewed. Now I must confess, after I prayed that prayer I was sort of wondering how exactly it was going to work because it was late and where i went is not frequented at that time. But part of seeing God as a father is letting the father do his work.


About 1 hour later, a young girl about 12y walked to me and said “Hi Aunty Raheal!” and i was taken aback wondering who it was. Guess what? It was the daughter of one of the leaders at our local fellowship and this is the interesting part of it: Her mum was shopping in one store and she(the child) decided to come into the building right across from where her mum  was and thats how she ran into me. As to whether she saw me from the other store or what I don’t know and I didn’t even care actually because all i was thinking was, Thank You Lord! She came in, hugged me and said my mum is in the store across the shop and of course you can imagine how thankful I was, i have never walked so fast in my life!lol! I said wait, Im coming with you and your mum! This might not seem like a “big” thing but when you are in the situation you will understand how it feels and if you are trusting God for millions and can’t trust him for tens and hundreds now, then there is something questionable about your belief system. And thats really the crux of this whole experience. Renew your mind by seeing God as a father who cares about your needs even the seemingly small and basics ones and make your requests known to him and his peace will be your portion, Amen!


I will be starting the #Re-assessingFruit Series this weekend Godwilling 🙂 . Holy spirit has been teaching me some humbling stuff over the past couple days which I will be sharing right here on PillBox


11 thoughts on “Testimony: Why we must see God as a Father

  1. Needed to hear this. Greatly encouraged. How can you believe God for the 1000 when you can’t believe him for the 10s. Thank you.


    1. Amen! thank you Virtuous Ladies Bible Study for visiting the blog and your feedback. I am glad the word of the Lord blessed you. Let us continue to let love reign, amen 🙂


    1. Amen and amen Lady Rose, God bless ya :). Learning to see God As A Father We Can Go To Is important in Renewing Our belief And Understanding System Of Who God is to us. Bless you


  2. God bless you for creating this blog, i know in due time everyone will be waiting to read what you have to say. stay focus and keep on doing the good work. Stay blessed.


    1. amen and amen, the Lady P. thats encouraging to hear and glory to God. thank you for that word of focus, will certainly do that, keep me in prayer. bless you, i salute you


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