Welcome To A New Month- April! Give Thanks

“Sing unto the Lord a new song; Sing unto the Lord all the earth, sing to the Lord praise his name and proclaim his salvation (not only receiving christ but the fullness of life in him) day after day”- Psalm 96:1-2 My name is Raheal B., a young woman who loves the Lord and desires to see us come to the saving grace and delivering power of Jesus Christ and to live out the fullness of who God fashioned us to be! I am also a Pharmacy grad student in Upstate NY but originally from Accra,Ghana and a Today April 1st 2015 is the official launch of my blog- PillBox 🙂

. Its a new month and I hope you are excited for what the rest of the year holds! Its April 1 and this month and day means so much to me in terms of my surrounding to the Lord. Im excited to start this Blog and I hope it blesses lives. there are several resources on here so be sure to check out the tabs. We are in April already, the second quarter of the year already! Hope the first quarter was fulfilling. The beginning of the year is always a good time to set the tone and the agenda for the remaining months but if the first quarter of the year did not go as planned, still give thanks and pen down a strategy  for the remaining months because God can make the years and the days count even if it looks like you “lost” time, whatever that means. Psalm 96:1-2 says we should actually praise God day after day; I bet then that within each day someway somehow there is something for which to thank the Lord for if only we will come to acknowledge that. Stay anchored in the Lord and consider using this first day of April- for real , no jokes- to really pen down your strategy, your dreams, your hopes and actively follow them through even as you praise your way through! -Rah.

9 thoughts on “Welcome To A New Month- April! Give Thanks

    1. Amen Mum Apostle Frances! Glory to God, thanks for your blessing always. We surely are and will take more territories for the Lord, very excited for the future which is now. amen


  1. We bless God for this new month and I am excited about this blog. Can’t wait to read about all the awesome things you have to share. God bless you Raheal

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    1. Proph, God bless you much and amen and amen to the Lord. Do visit regularly as i will be posting on several topics and themes as the Lord leads me. Thankful for your friendship and words of wisdom, bless you more and share PillBox with a friend


  2. Great things the Lord has done. And we thank him for this great work he has given to us. We aniont this work with his great blood. In Jesus name Amen


    1. in Jesus name amen! Thanks MoG! God bless you much Prof. We pray that many wil be set free from the bonds of wickedness and captivity for there is so much joy in the Lord and healing in his presence. Bless the Lord and thank you much Prof. i appreciate your prayers and support always


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